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Universal blessings with Forevrgoddess

Join with me On Journey , lets see what inspiration I can find to offer in your Life.

So that Together, We Can Discover the Guidance is Needed, To Develop a Renewed Balance, More Harmonious Journey as, We Invite Loving Light Back into Your Life.

Come explore various Articles, Affirmations, and Services to give you inspiration to live a Passionate and Intuitive life.

Remembered To Be Inspired, Be Uplifted, Be Love, Be Light- Forevrgoddess

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)0( FG Mindful Living Newsletter -Crystal of the Week Tiger eye

FG Mindful Living Hello beautiful Spirit. I hope this note finds you well. I’m excited to send this week’s newsletter featuring the Crystal of the Week, tiger’s eye! I will discuss the healing benefits of tiger’s eye and share crystal affirmations. I’ll give ideas for use and journal prompts that may inspire you to look… Continue Reading →

)0( What 3 things are your grateful for? Share with us today!

Hello beautiful spirit, it’s Norma you know forevrgoddess   , I hope you’re having a good day? So what are you grateful for? List 3 things, it can be about your life, work, hobbies, family, love ones, even friends. Sometime in world we don’t get appreciated, for so many reasons, being hard worker at your job… Continue Reading →

)0( calming anxiety, tips, to help you soothe

Hello  its norma you know Forevrgoddess.I’ve  combined 2days Into a little topic.Anxiety and  mental shut downs, it happens to all of us.  Sometimes some of us  trying to handle their day to day life with struggle. They are not alone, I suffer from anxiety issues to, I would not  be surpise more people have it… Continue Reading →

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