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Hello Beautiful Spirit, I wanted to Share Unique Offer…

Setting intention for abundance and manifest with your potential.

Box set and intuitive mentoring session. 

Here have something unique

Since summer will be here soon We all need a bit of abundance and prosperity in life, crystal grid for abundance,  and with solar Magick , we plan set into action with a little Magick to bring abundance and manifest the possibilities in life.

Box 1 -Good luck and prosperity

Invite bit of luck and wealth into your life .

Box 2 -Abundance and prosperity  invite  a bit of abundance , with prosperity. 

Included with Each  box . it comes with 1- 24 pages work book, 1 crystal grid of choice ,2  chime candle or 1  votive, 1 box of incense,  1 pewter pocket token with inspiring  quote to help you set the intention you need. and 1 surprise egg.

These boxes come with 1 Intuitive guidance session.  In the mentoring session,  we will discover ,how to help you sort out what your  best  intentions for abundance to manifest.

Price :$17.00 +a  small  shipping fee

for 1 box set  and 1 mentoring session

PM me with question.

Be Inspired, Be uplifted, Be love ,Be light -N

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