Dream interpretation
Hello Brightest blessings
Im norma with Forevrgoddess intuitive services. And the owner of Forevrgoddess boutique. I wanted to offer this unique reading :
Dream interpretation
lets discover what your dreams are speaking to you about various topics in life. Lets see what repeating numbers , signs, symbols,animals angels, Goddess,God ,etc have meaning in your life currently.

We schedule over the phone appointment or and offline reading

We can set up phone reading i schedule phone appointments certain days and times. , and will 24to 48 hours email you the notes from our phone reading.

offline reading. Once booked I will work on your reading my alone time And i will email reading to you with
In 24 to 48 hours We can set up phone reading if needed

Please provide with email or private message so i may soul connect with you and see what choice you wanted and let chat see where you might need gudiance in

Thank you may the goddess bring you love and light. Hugs
Asking for a donation of $10.00
Private message with more question or form of payment i accept
Thank you’n

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