Self care when need it most

Self care for all of us is important as woman or even as man. Our lives have changed so much this year. With everything changing for autumn season. We need to take a step back , as our kids go back school, summer break over going back to work or going to school. Take time for yourself. Remember you canttake care of anyone else if you dont take care of you. Its not walking away from everyone or all responsiblity. Just take some me time. Start with just enjoying your coffee in morning, meditate whatcneed to be done for day. Say prayer or blessing to have good day. Ask maybe for guidiance for certain situation or in general. Find some thing nutritious to eat. That healthy and good. If you need to go some closeby consider walking remember 20 mins of walking kicks in the endorphins to make you feel good. Give snuggles from love ones and pets then go on your day . At the end of the day. Tell your family you love them give hugs as you all go to bed . Give thanks for what blessings you had or any insight was given.. well talk more on self care ok ? Smile your loved. Be love Be light-n

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