Divinely guided

divinely guided

Hello .i hope your having a good day? Being connect to your spiritual path is important no matter what it is. You can be Christian, buddhist, wiccan, etc. As long as you open your self with prayer each morni g before you gonout into the world or start of day with morning coffee . Just ask those you worship for loving guidiance through out the day,inner peace and protection. Give thanks and go about your day. Were each lucky to find our unique spiritual path. If things feel chaotic. Stop for moment go somewhere quiet. Or close eyes take a few deep breathes breathe in inner peace, positive enegry and loving enegry. Breathe out negative emotions or enegry .If needed ask thoses you worship for guidance , how handle anything in life. Look and listen for signs. Im here if you need helpor wantvtonknow more on this subject. Blessings of love and light-n

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