Smile your loved

Hello i hope your having a good day?
I wanted to tell you .” Smile your loved”
In the world lately, i see little of bit of love. When i worked as waitress ,when i was younger .our little cafe in soda springs. Idaho. I had alot of different people .some older coffee drinkers, others grabbing a bite before going back to work etc. I thought to myself why not give each person a little pick me up notes. Both men and women , would receive little notes of inspiration. Even my favorite” Hi beautiful.” That Would always win hearts of women ,esp when they said they had a bad day.or felt ugly, And felt better by our chats as i got their order out. I feel we can uplift others in world. Just with a simple comment. Some old men would chuckle, and said when i would put this phrase on their ticket. Their wife will get jealous. Id laugh and tell them” then you tell her what i said to her from you”. So hopefully that fix the problem, but no woman ever came down to fight me . So i think im everyone deserves to be loved, from baby to grandmother to even the bum on streets. I know i cant save the world, or change what going across our country. But for one moment if we can make someone forget their troubles and bring a smile to their face. Then i feel mission accomplished. Try to be the change in world , just one baby step at a time. Hugs -n
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