Blessings for others and Self

Hello i hope your having a good day?
I know many of us ,have alot of people in and out of our lives daily or overtime.

Consider doing a blessing for others and yourself , ask universe, God , Goddess to watch over you and grant you a good day, offer guidance when needed, and offer healing enegry to others and yourself.

Always remember to send blessi g or prayers to others before yourself to you care for world before your needs. I was reminded this by a friend, Rosa.

By praying or blessings others within your life brings in positive enegry and healing to you.

i dont expect everyone to be open about sending blessings to everyone its free choice and free will. I send blessings to those i dont speak with or disconnected from my life. With the way with world this year of 2020. It never hurts to send blessings to all.

Open your heart to compassion and understanding, by no means let anyone walk all over you or mistreat you.

Just be open to healing and blessings for others and self. Have blessed day hugs -n

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