Raise your Vibration

Raising your Vibrational enegry
Hello sometimes in life you get into a flunk and need a new breath of air or enegry to raise your personal enegry. Also called raising your vibration.

With that in mind bringing in more positive enegry and vibration in life help create blessings enegry change your eviroment enegry. there are things that can drain you sometimes being online seeing alot of negative media , negative social media, home filled with tension or stress, being around toxic people. Or worse psyhic vampire whom can drain you enegry making you feel flat and drained.

We each need to make effort to cleanse your auras to help raise vibrations . Cleanse yourself with healing crystal and gemstones. Even if you meditate for 10-15 mins , you can have your headphone and listen to pandora for at 4 song the make you feel good feel white light surrounding you and thru you .

Smudge yourself with Palo Santo ,White sage, lavendar, create essential oil blend and use it throughtout the day.
Go sit outside if weather permits, sit morning sun see the sounds of morning around you or evening rising moon. And gaze at the stars.if you take time to notice all the life around feel the positive enegry within.

Find meaningful positive affirmations “This morning im Blessed by (Goddess, God,Universe, etc) all is well” ” I am one with universe, and universe talks to me” “Smile I am Loved”

Say prayer or Blessings for your day ,ask that and guidance, inspiration and maybe a lil wealth be sprinkle throughout your day. Dont forget to give thanks when divine blessings happen. Look books to help inspire your spirituality .

Here some ideas to enjoy . Ask questions I’m here to help
Goddess bless-n

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