Hello, I hope with the season changing to Autumn it’s time to reflect what we can be grateful for. create a list and buy journal.

You can write the things you have done this autumn season{ spending more time with family, friends and those close to you.

Bring warmth and cherish the moments with them, forget fro even a few hours all the stress, problems and other chaotic energy invite positive energy within, look to fall or autumn to do with family and friends. take it to next level and see your life make a positive change.

More detail how to write your journal entry

Hello right now we need a little inspiration to make each the best as we can throughout this autumn

See if on your journey out and around or shop on line and buy blank journal start to write a list of what gratitude you have in life. Date, weather, season even moon phase if you want. then start the list.

Mine are 1-having a loving husband, 2-have a romantic relationship ship with my husband, 3 -2 beautiful children, 4- two fat and adorable corgis who make me laugh everyday, 5- we have roof over our heads, bills paid , and food. 6- my children tell me they love me at night or throughout the day with hugs and snuggles

This is a small list to that i have there more but well be here a while. lol its time to find your positive joy in life and remember it even the world , news and social media think other wise. We all need a self care as well reminder who really matters in my life. Those who wish cause problems or drama . Are quickly push out. We need a moment to reflect what is needed in life at this time.

Maybe meditation with crystal Gemstones in hand can help. here’s a small list.

Amethyst for healing and inner peace, rose quartz for comfort , peace, love, amazonite for help sooth calm mood swings. Citrine to be cheerful ,sunny side of life. Black obsidian to remove any negativity, dispell fears or doubts. Help you face them to be able to move forward.

Be love Be light – N

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