Ground and center your soul

Ground and center your soul

Hello, Autumn blessings of love and abundance,  I hope your having a good day

There been a lot of negative news on social media, I’ve seen , some effects really bad of world in such chaos. And many people suffering in one way or another.  I’m trying to limit the amount  social media as much as can . Taking time to do some self work and study online. Help further my reading services I want to offer.

 I want to connect with positive like minded people, who are kind, loving people. And offer help to those who need support, in time of need with spiritual guidance.

Right now you may feeling  a lot of energies, moon enegry ,even retro grading planets,  or sensory overload .you may need to take a step back for even just a moment.

From all the negative you may see on social media , around town, or in your home. This  quarantine        part still hard for many of us. As your valley or state allowed to be open again , the influx of people this summer has been crazy. I’ve can’t count how many out of stater were here.   Be cautious where you go, be safe even spiritual protected. Being spiritually protected is necessary, being an empath you feel all types of emotions and energies.

  Before I go into in any supermarket or shopping place. I take a couple deep breathes in and out and center myself. I ask my Goddess, Go, Angels even elemental to create a circle of protection around me. Keep me protected from any spirits within the stores, or even negative energies. Being empath and clairvoyant I see thing differently than others.

 I see spirits that join a love one shopping exp.  you may see a grandma walking behind their child while they shop .  but they aren’t there if pass by a moment later. Another we have older woman in hover around. She older and heavy set. She glares at you when you approach in her area, but she turns a sweet smile to people in deli. I see the dark entity attached to her. I feel sad I could say something or offer help but many people in my valley aren’t open to my type of services. So I say silent prayer she’d be well.

If you feel disconnected, or feel as though you can’t settle down for night or day. maybe taking some time for self care.

During the day, you can go outside, go sit in grass in your yard or at park . Feel the grass under your feet, sit down maybe cross legged. Take your hand and touch the ground. Feel cool earth. Imagine your hands turn in roots of like tree going down into the earth. Give mother earth your negativity, sorrow, anger. All emotions you need to remove from body mind and soul.

When done thank mother earth for taking negative energy from you. Ask her in your mind to give you loving , harmonious, positive energy. To fill your heart and soul.  Feel her loving energy come up the roots of hand charging your energy system. See how you feel uplifting , loving warm energy.

If you do this during the day welcome warm sun on your face. Feel how warmth of the sun surrounding in its light and moments of joy and love filling you up.

 During the night,   do under the light of the she goes thru her different lunar phases.  Its ok too feel the breeze that gentle blows at night. Look at the star and marvel how of a blessings to see such a beautiful sight. Feel the love of moon shine down her energy of peace and comfort. Once done give thanks and go to bed.

If you have any question I’m here to help , Be love Be light- N

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