How to celebrate Autumn with our FGB autumn smudge set

Hello, I’m Norma with Forevrgoddess Boutique, I wanted to share some info on Smudging herbs, gemstones and smudge rituals.  I  don’t know about you as the first day of Sept feels magickal, with apples and pumpkins abound everywhere.  I think it’s the perfect time to do a Autumn ritual smudging to cleanse home, sacred space or people. Removes Negative or  stale energy,

Banish and release emotions, illness, and other energy needing to be removed from home or person., to prepare of coming of the Autumn Equinox, and  Following  Samhain

You’ve might seen a few smudging her bundles in new age stores, witch shop or online, there are Many to Choose from.

Smudging has been done in ancient world to native American Indian, in Spanish  from mexico ,  central and south America some of these herbs are smudging rituals and used by shamans.  Some of these herbs can also  do blessings, after ritual cleansing of home or person . you can perform a blessings with in home  to invite harmony, love, laughter, tranquility,  happiness and prosperity, or what is needed at the moment. For the personal blessings you can do any of these ideas too.

 Small Autumn Smudge Blend

 Here we have a beautiful mixture of Mexican cinnamon, Cloves,  Rose, and white sage{and few more herbs}. Very aromatic smell. Here’s a  information  on Few herbs we use for our Autumn blend

Autumn  Gemstones we selected these from our Wiccan Magickal Sabbat  Mabon and Samhain box sets.  With autumn equinox coming soon, seasons are changing for fall. It’s time of balance between day and night, before night takes over and brings winter.

Here are the stone for Autumn , when charging or programming, you gemstone, keep in mind the goal or desire you wish to bring into your life. Help manifest this desire to life, say a prayer to your deity or Angels, Elemental,  ask for their support to bless this new path you wish to journey on. Keep them in Autumn Smudge House Blessings   manifest kit”

Brightest Blessings  , I’m so happy you decided to change a new part in your life, for the coming of Autumn and hall her glory.

How to set up your stones.  You will noticed you have 6 gemstones  and Autumn Smudge blend  is to cleanse area and give it a fresh start with positive energy.

 Gemstone Selenite , Iron Pyrite ( fools gold),Pink Calcite, Black Tourmaline , Carnelian , Amethyst:

 Cleanse each gemstone with smudging blending burning in shell, to ensure it’s a positive energy to help with your goal you wish to create. Its to ensure the gemstones which has past thru so many hands to get to you at home , you might not want others energy that might not fit in. hold stone in hand take shell  and pass it over and under stone to incased it with smoke

Arranging Gemstones

Once stones are cleanse, set up an area where you stone will be seen through the day  ( altar, on mantel) arrange stones however you wish. I suggest to put Selenite  in middle and surround other stones around selenite So the Selenite  will energize the other stones. Like a mini crystal grid

.If you have more stones, flowers, candles feel free to add them , to help further your goal in mind.

Autumn Equinox celebration Ideas

 Take walks with autumn changing in your wooded area Feel the Cool Crisp Air, collect leaves with family, and place them on your altar, write with black Permanente marker in one word what your thankful for. Poke a hole thru it, tie a string and hang it  where you can  see it everyday.

Create  Memories with family and friend and Bake  autumn sugar cookies talk about what you grateful f for or just spend time with them. ( our Sabbat  Mabon and Samhain cookie cutter and recipe box set is available check the boutique)

Time to reflect this time of year what Autumn means  to you, the balance of day and night finding balance within one’s life ( work, family, school, children, etc) and what goals you want to set for this month September or October – go to pumpkin farm, drink cider with friends and family , share sweet goodies, Collect Apples, Do some Autumn crafts with Family and Friends ( look on for idea) Go to Fall Festival,  Enjoy the fruits and favorite foods we enjoy this time of year, did someone say “pumpkin spice…” Nothing to big , just Go  enjoy the Beauty of Autumn  . May this Season of Autumn Bless you with Abundance, love, good health, and little wealth. Brightest blessings – N

heres a link to purchase this box from us. enjoy. Be love Be Light- N

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