Hallows eve HONORING Departed Love ones

Come learn a unique how to honor your departed love ones. Tis the times to remember those we loved in this life.

With coming of samhain, Halloween or all hallows eve.

its time to remember your ancestors and those loves one , pets/familars, friends who passed on . Its time to celebrate their lives they lived and how they effected our lives and family.

Give thanks to them for all the wisdom, love and even healings they have offered in past or even now. Were never alone. They are always with us. Even in spirit.

Honor them with candle ,photo of them next to it glass of water and somthing they loved to eat or sweet treat. Decorate with flowers and incense ,even their favorite crystal, if they drink alchohol. Leave a shot, pet toys, etc.

Candle next to the photo represents them coming home to guide them in the dark to your home, water spirit needs water to drink for they need enegry to go visit other relatives and friends, food to enjoy also offer spirit enegry.

Honoring your love ones show a sign of respect and love. Which they cherish, and they enjoy to share each moment in your life from times of sadness , they offer comfort and gudiance . To sharing tears of joy in happy moments. They are always near.

This time of year as of sept 1. The veil begings to thin. As October approaches the veil enegry starts to grow.for the opening when fully open .

If your doing alot of rituals or divination your maybe more drained than usual. Which common this time of year .make sure your protections prayers and amulets are in place .

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Just have fun be wise as well safe enjoy samhain with family and ancestors alike Be Love Be Light-n

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