Book of Shadows Blessings

Book of Shadow Blessing.

Come learn a unique Book of Shadows blessings. For all your Magickal books.

 I found this Blessing  early 2000s Online. when there were groups from Hotmail,  msn, yahoo, and other websites that were available and content was downloadable. I was lucky to find this book of shadows Blessings.

I Have seen others that were ok, but this one spoke to me to be honest I do not remember or is unknown to me , who ever the Author who created this blessings , I do not take and credit for this blessings, I just wish to share it with you.   I love it’s charm, easy to recite and use.

How to use this Blessings…

If you decide you want to use this blessings on any Magickal journal, Book of Shadow {BOS}, Or Book. It’s simple to use. There are many ways to bless your book of choice. I’ll teach an easy one, everyone can learn and perform it.

Supplies: 1 white candle {tea candle is good}, 1 stick of incense or sage bundle, pen {you can use whatever color you prefer}, and book  to bless.

Ritual:  you can do this ritual  Day or Night{ moon cycle : can be waxing to full, growing to  full being the best. }   turn off phone,  tell everyone to leave you alone for 20-30 minutes . make sure you smudge yourself with incense or sage bundle. Cup the smoke over your head and body. Let The smoke wash over you. Release and let go any negativity of the day.  Calm your mind and center your energy. Light your candle, {be cautious of flowy curtains, curious pets and children to prevents fires within the home}

You may cast circle of protection if you like, feel free to call upon your Goddesses or Gods, Elemental and angels ask them to give you protection while you do this book blessings ,and ask them to send some of their energy,  to help protect the book from anything negative . and invite positive energy within as well inspiration, and guidance.

To begin the ritual,  Hand write this  blessing into the book, or type and print a copy. Feel free, to put it in the first few pages. Or inside cover of book of choice. You will only write this blessing  1 x time, unless you have more books to use, then write it 1 x time in each book.  As you write  or place the copy in book recite the blessings out loud  {or in your mind if need for being quiet}.  3 times. Each time visualize the words on paper glow with light and charge with energy.

 Consider looking for sigil to bless and protect the book further from any one who may wish to negative energy book or you.  {look to Pinterest or google for sigil ideas} there are many methods to create your own sigils. I use sigils all the time.  

When your done reciting the blessings and you have charged it. Give thanks to those who have helped bless the book.  Pinch out your candle and incense when done , open the circle.

Enjoy using this blessings its too pretty for me not to share. Be love Be light-n

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Book of shadows blessings..

In the realm of Magick this book shall reside, No one but the chosen shall see what’s inside.

If breath be the Air as passion to fire, Let harm come to none, this is my desire.

If life be to Earth as water to emotions, This book be filled with Magickal potions. 

May the Gods protect it, keep it from Harm. And upon it bestow power Magick and charm.

No one without wisdom shall peer  at  its pages, Or the Knowledge inside handed down through the ages.

This book be it mine, it shall harbor no fears, the knowledge obtained through blood, sweat, and tears.

My Magick ‘s,  my passion, the spirit’s my guide.  The love for the Goddess, I hold deep inside.

The book may she bless it with spiritual light and let only her children read its  rites

For those of Wicca or of the Chosen Path,  truly can see, that this is my will. So mote it be.

-Unknown Author-

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