TOP Books to Read this Autumn or All Hallows eve

 Top Books to Read this Autumn season or All Hallows eve. Hello I wanted to share a list of books you might feel inspired to read for month  Of October or Autumn season. These books are perfect to read on stormy night and anytime of the year.

This list of books I’ve had in my Collection for good long time some are recently new but most have been out for more than a few years. They are bit of any wiccan/ Pagan to metaphysical and Communicating with spirts.  If you have any questions, message me and I can help .

I will organize the collection by types so it’s easy to under stand.

  • -Wiccan/ Pagan Magickal Sabbat:
  • Samhain  by Llewellyn publishing . These are part of series of books which they cater to each wiccan holidays.
  • Autumn equinox by Ellen dugan . Here’s one of my favorite book with bundles of learning idea, tips and recipe. And magickal working to do this who autumn season.
  • Halloween by Silver Raven wolf. Here a guide to know all the legends , ideas ,even divination ideas to practice to do with family and friends. To bring a magickal Halloween.
  • Spirit communication –
  • Speak with the dead by Konstantinos  perfect book to learn a few methods of spirit communication and beyond.
  • Secret of spirit communication by Trish and Rob Mac Gregor this couple has a few books to learning to working with the spirit , this Book  includes  stories and experiences, as well lessons to learn from them.
  • Doors to Other world By Raymond Buckland. One of my favorite Authors who has passed away a few years ago. I Adored his work I own many of his books. This book is unique and wealth of information .Also consider his book  “Spirit communication”
  • -Ghost hunting-
  • How to be Ghost Hunter by Richard south hall. This book is little bit older, but has a lot of key points on being ghost hunter, research, how to give detailed information.
  • 101 ways to find ghost. Essential tools, tips, and techniques to uncover paranormal activity by Melissa martin Ellis
  • The Ghost hunter survival guide by Michelle Belanger

Reading paranormal book gives us the experiences  from other worlds , by  passing thru veil to spirit world. and Know  we are not alone in  this  world we live in.

  • Spooky reading for All Hallows eve
  •  Chasing Ghosts Texas style : on the Road with everyday paranormal by Brad Klinge and 2other people. Brad and his brother had tv series on discover channel called ghost lab we loved seeing what paranormal research they discover and love their scientist view to paranormal research and  ghost hunting.
  • Dark World- Zak Bagans . my favorite guy from Travel channel  Ghost adventure. He gives detailed accounts of his ghost hunting experience as well the scientist view to paranormal research
  • Chasing spirits by Nick Groff he was a former member of Ghost Adventures when the group originated from . I love to his points of view to ghost hunting as well someone else whoa part of ghost adventure crew.
  • Haunted items and Ghost stories –
  • Haunted Heritage by  Michael Norman and Beth Scott .This book was made in 2002. This couple has written a few books dealing with paranormal stories of unknown to myths and legends all relating to untied states of America and part od Canada. Trust I grew in  reading the earlier book when I was younger and adored them plus if might keep you up an night.
  • Haunted Stuff by Stacey Graham/ here a book about items that we hear ghost stories from tv , articles in newspaper and beyond. She gives detailed accounts of different items with paranormal experience and people who own the items. It’s a quick read and I adored it.
  • Destination Truth: memoirs of monster Hunter by Josh Gates. Josh Has had several tv series thru different Cable tv channels. my favorite was SyFy channel Destination truth tv series, where Josh and group of explore the world of unknown, from myth and legends looking for yeti in Himalayan mountains, to ghost in Peru. he gives detailed account with bit of humor and intrigue i could not put this booth down. you can fins the tv series replayed on travel channel or buy series on

So here’s a list to consider to purchase from for Kindle or paperback or local books finding them used.

So snuggle up next to fire on those cold night and get into learn what is beyond our world.

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May your Hallows eve be filled with Spooky fun and Light – Be Love And Light-N

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