Witchy Inspired Ideas to celebrate Autumn season or Samhain

Witchy inspired celebrating Ideas for Autumn season or Samhain. Hello here’s a list of witchy, Fun ,celebrating ideas for autumn season , Samhain, or even Halloween.

I can’t believe it’s going to Samhain or Halloween  here soon . I’m counting the days since first day of Sept.1st. lol  I always feel a bit Witchy when the Sept. 1 st is here, I love to see the changing color of leaves, cool crisp air and seeing Halloween décor out at the local stores.

Me and Hubby always  our family Celebrate Samhain/ Halloween   to fullest. Being a Magickal { and Witchy}family.  I put in cd in my car every year since I got the Cd in 2013. Halloween music by Midnight Syndicate

Or new cd from another Halloween inspired music  Gothic  by Nox Arcana . as the leaves change and weather gets cooler. We listen to this music plus other Cds Halloween inspired. My son love Nightmare on elm St. music from the movies with dear old Freddy.  

We set up decorate our home for Halloween on Sept.23rd as way to celebrate our wedding anniversary every year. We truly festive here at home and kids help and get excited too.

Anyway as we celebrate the autumn and All hallows eve I created a list fun stuff to do.. You can do this alone, family, or with friends .  some relates being wiccan, pagan or magickal path. But it doesn’t matter your spiritual belief. It’s time to celebrate and remember those who have passed on.

List of Inspiring things to do the Autumn Season  or Samhain

  • Go for walk in local cemetery, visit Love ones who have passed on,and bring flowers or come talk to them as you remember them. Day time walks are nice or close to evenings.
  • Ask group of friend to make or create witchy inspired greeting cards to share with other thru the mail.and maybe other witchy holidays too
  • Buy a few new autumn candles, bring the warmth of light to your home, and enjoy the candle light glow bright, don’t forget to add a little bit of magickal say a prayer for blessings of them home for positive energy, happiness and joy this Samhain / Halloween
  • Create an ancestor or loving memeory of those who have passed on Altar. Set candles, flowers, colored altar clothes, gemstones, even photos of them. To honor them. Look to my other blog post “All Hallows eve honoring departed love ones.” For details on honoring the dead.
  • Buy or create and Charge  a  protection pendant, to carry during this beginning of holiday season from negative energy. We carry some within our Forevrgoddess Boutique
  • Look for a new Autumn or Halloween outfit, matching accessories, that you can wear year round or simple for this autumn season. Look to amazon or ebay for great specials
  • Look for fall festive Jewelry, perfect with Moons, witches hat, Bats, etc. We carry various Fun and Festive  Halloween inspired Jewelry in Forevrgoddess boutique.
  • Create your own jewelry for fun with friends and family, look to Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Ebay fro beads and other fun inspired items.
  • Learn about doing a Past Life reading, I will post soon an article “How To Do Your Own Past Life Reading”, don’t forget if you would like , we offer this as service in my “Forevrgoddess Intuitive spirit link”.https://forevrgoddessboutique.ecrater.com/p/38117582/past-life-soul-mate?keywords=past+life
  • Honor the” Dark Goddesses” this Samhain for those who you worship that have helped along this year. Heres a small list ,those that are celebrated are usually {Hekate, The Morrigan, Persephone, Demeter, Cerridwen, and  I know there is probably more} give them Offering of candles, gemstones, jewelry, handmade items, foods , even it’s they adore like: Morrigan Love Crows, Hekate Love Smoky quartz. Persephone love pomagrantes, etc,
  • Do some Moon Magick for Coming Blue moon, banish and releasing, typically for blue moon magick is  Second chances, to cleanse, yourself, renew goals, do tarot or divination for guidance and lessons you must learn now.

This time of Year for Autumn or Halloween, it’s remember of those within you life you cherish. Celebrate this season, even if it has be social distancing, you can still give phone call or stop by for quick visit with those you love. You can find Magick in every thing in life not just Samhain or Halloween.

  • Smudging you home from any negativity , tension, stress, even illness that has been collected these last few months to few weeks.  Open windows and Door if weather permits to push out smoke and negativity,  and Use White sage or my favorite Palo Santo. Don’t forget to smudge yourself, put the intention into your home of “Peace and Calm” so all who dwell there are at  peace and all is good.  I do ritual smudging often esp if kids get wild or just feel yucky in home and need fresh energy. I have the Kids rings the bells in every room to banish negative energy invite positive energy within.
  • Do divination reading for this coming winter months, use Pendulums or Tarot cards.  Learn to candles scrying or Crystal balls. They are fun to do, I like to do it maybe once a month to check up how things will be for this coming month every full moon or when needed. Books by Scott Cunningham, Donald Tyson, Ted Andrews and Richard Webster can help teach  few divinations techniques.
  • My favorite Carve a pumpkin with family don’t forget to put protection charms or carve sigil  to bless the home with positive energy, bring blessings of abundance, joy and love this Samhain/ Halloween.
  • Take some to find Halloween or Autumn décor  you can paint that will add accent your home. Paint with festive colors, look to hobby lobby for ideas. If you find one already paint . then do with item you painted or not . Mark on the bottom or back with Protection and blessings symbols or sigil to bring home best the season can offer. Plus if you create a spell or prayer keep note of it so you can do it every year if you put away or once a month if you keep it out.  I will present an article about it here soon.
  • Have small gathering of Pot Luck, Or maybe with some family or Friends makeFun Halloween inspired  sugar Cookies and have Cookie decorating Party.  Buy Cookie sprinkles, Add Food coloring to white frosting in various colors. Look for unique cookie cutters spooky and festive. Look to www.cookiecuttershop.com for fun cookie ideas. They have everything for cookie and cake decorating. We Usual  Do one every year, except this year, we will hope for better new year in 2021,  we hope to do next year.
  • Go to Local Coffee Shop and enjoy a Fall flavored beverage or Coffee. I love Pumpkin spice or snickerdoodle mochas. Try baking something for fall comfort Foods look to pinterest for more ideas.

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Well I hope you like some of these items, we have many blessings and unique items , we offer autumn smudge sets , Dark Goddess boxes, Samhain magickal boxes, Jewelry , Intuitive readings, and so much more. Clink the Link to come see the magick of Forevrgoddess Boutique  or Forevrgoddess Intuitive services

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