Signs of Spirits

Signs of spirits, come learn some of signs spirits may try to reach out to you.

Spirits have long existed from the  dawn of time. We’ve heard the Stories of ghosts and  All forms spirits{ nature spirits, angels, etc.}. They  May have tried to  make their presence known, in so many ways. I’m sure many of you who are reading this post may have felt or known someone who felt a presence of spirit. Those who haven’t or not sure they have , let’s explore some of signs spirits try to make themselves known to us.

I’m a clairvoyant ,with many other intuitive or psychic  gifts.  I offer spirit communication readings, and have worked  for many of my clients, friends, and relatives, to help them understand what their deceased  love ones, has come to say to them.  Sometime my clients and others will want to reach out to love one that may shed light on situation { family, relatives, work, love, etc.} they are currently in. with many if my clients I remind them that they are lucky to feel and know the presence of their love ones reaching beyond the grave.

I’ll give you example of sign of spirit. My mother melba died in 2009 in California, do to  some health issues after surgery. I was with her for  a week before after her surgery , she was upbeat and smiling. After that week I returned home to Idaho with my ex hubby. The week following  I had left, some health issues caused her to decline where she went into a coma and never awoke. She passed away gently , I feel.

About 2 years later after her death.  I remarried my new husband, Robert.  I became pregnant with my son , Gabriel. In May Of 2011 I went to California  for week to  celebrate baby shower with  my sisters, and family.  Sisters planned the party for me,  which was  a lot of fun and I love to dance.  I enjoying sight of town  and visit from  family and friends.

I was seven month along with Gabriel , I due to give birth in July. I remember this moment quite well.      I just gotten back home from my trip to California, I was finished unpacking the gifts I gained from the baby shower. I sat in middle of our bed  at the bottom my feet could touch the floor. which was in center of room.  I was looking out my back door which was in facing  west.   I was in our small bedroom . I was living with  Robert , at his parent’s  home at that time.

The sun shined thru windows and back door, it was just perfect moment . I quietly said to out loud ,  “ oh mama, I wish you were here”.   I sat   almost lying down in the middle of our bed, looking at the beautiful summer sun thru the door, it looked sparkling.  Suddenly I smelled my mother favorite perfume. “ Red door” by Elizabeth Arden. The room was filled with  her perfume I knew it was her, I said “ Mama?” , then I suddenly I felt a hard push on side of tummy ,then it let go and  Gabriel started to kick from inside my belly really hard. And within few minutes  the smell of perfume and presence was gone. The moment lasted maybe 5 minutes.

But it was so  intense I can tell it to this day. You  can’t forget it that perfume ,my mom was bury with a few bottles. Many of my sister wear the perfume. i choose not for this reason, I just shared with you.

My mom has tried to make her presence known other times. She has come to visit within our new home  here in Paris, Idaho.

My experiences with my clients and others, I’ve seen different ways have spirits have tried to make their presence known. Each case is different some points repeat again. I could go on with some of my stories, with session with clients and they departed love ones. Maybe another time.

These are the Signs Spirits, they are wanting to tell Us. They are still here with us, even from beyond the grave.

Some  signs of their presence can be :

  • cold spots, drafts of winds no source.
  • Shadows moving, from corner of room or corner of your eyes.
  • sparkling lights , orbs { white or Gold, other time different colors}.
  •  Smell of   perfume/ cologne, even incense, 
  •  Maybe they  cooked or Baked a certain dish you  liked: Grandma  Ruth Apple pie ,  or Nana delicious lasagna, you always loved.  favorite foods or Drinks  : fresh baked apple pie, cookies, pot of chili, Coffee when you didn’t make any yet. or   something the love one made  just for you. I know it can get weird sometimes.
  • light a candle ,  watch the candle how it reacts to draft of wind but no source, even blows out , how the flame dances,  flame may  turns blue ( may indicate presence of spirit)  or even relight it ’self after candle blown out.  This has happen a few different times, really fascinating
  •  If they were smoker  smoke from cigarettes, cigars, pipe,  etc.
  •   other signs certain music / favorite song they love in life , replays on radio,
  •  Television  shows comes on Tv
  •  Repeating numbers thru clocks: for their birthdate or day of death, time of death.
  •   Even Walking around town or thru our day , you  hearing other  people saying certain comments, but not part of your  conversation. remind you of loved one whom has passed.
  • Have cobwebs  cross over your face or body, but no spider or webs nearby.
  • Pets and small children noticing shadows or things in your home.
  • There may be  times your able to hear their voice, even during day or when deep asleep awoke to voice.  I Had that happen a time or two.  
  •  See them in your dreams. They try to talk to you.

Know spirit are always around day or night , more active during- veil is parting  our physical world and spirit world, month of may 1 (may day), September 1  to autumn equinox thru  October 31( Halloween) and first few days of November.   Spirits may come to visit during certain phases of life: birth of baby, marriage, dying of family member, their birthdays, their date they died,  sometimes for any other  reason of celebrations.

 If ever you feel frighten, say a prayer of protection to whom your pray for support. Or ask the spirit to leave if it bothers too much. May contact someone wh is gifted to help seek out the spirit who may wish to talk.   Enjoy the moments they come within your life, any questions feel free to contact me for help.

If ever you wish to contact me about setting up a session about speaking with departed love one, Look to my contact Page and reach out.

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