Empath’s Healing and Wellness

Empath healing and Wellness

Hello, come learn a little bit of insight how being empath can be different for others around the world. Learn some tips and tools to become more of empowered empath.

Empathic gifts, its amazes how you can pick up “Feeling” –“Emotional” or “physical ”

Situation, place or loved one

There is  more than  just emotions, there is wide variety , some of these types  , that blend into working with several psychic or intuitive gifts.   I have empathic gifts as well as other intuitive gifts, no it just didn’t happen over night, things in my teens years  changed I sensed different things, emotions, physical pain, knew things and I could tell if someone or thing wasn’t right or truthful. I also did  years of research looking how to work with these gifts and how to develop them stronger.  It is possible , ill send you to some of my sources.

 I just knew when my mom was in pain from her back , when my  friends  were  sad or depressed,

I can  feel psychic impressions in a location, even a haunted one. Being empathic isn’t a cursed or problem, it’s a blessing, you’ve been given by universe, Fate, Goddess/Gods. These can be healing gifts for others as well as your self.

Definition of Empath

 Definition of clairsentience : perception of what is not normally perceptible, clear feeling.

 Empath: a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

Another definition; Clairsentient: people receive intuitive message and psychic impressions through  sensing emotional or physical feeling .

Maybe some of this talk is  about you , I’ve learn recently through reading and research their various empathic gifts.

Types Empaths

-Emotional empath: most common you can sense pick up emotions,  from people , sometimes even going to walk around town it’s amazing what you’ll feel. You can help someone express these emotions , help them talk through what you can to do  ease these calm or defused active or anxious minds.

-Medical Empath. Feeling other physical pains, aliments,  headaches.  Help find solutions to describe to a Dr or nurse to see what the person might need help to find ease of pain or  aliment

-Nature empath: those feel close to mother earth / gaia, don’t be surprise if you have a green thumb and feel what plants, flowers , need feel energy, from trees and earth below. You take care of your leafy friends,  feel the energy of your garden plant. Don’t forget crystal and gemstone give benefits to your plants, flowers,  and gardens.

Types of Empath cont’d

-Knowing empath: Claircognizant is a  blend of emotional empath and clear knowing your able to get a deep sense of understanding, Of any situations .

-Spiritual empath  feeling and sensing  spirits of others, spirits of the land, location, animals, spirit whom crossed over.

How to know when your overwhelmed and what to do

 I’ve hated  being  around a  crowd of people, there were times  my family gatherings over whelmed me , being Hispanic we have a lot of relatives  My mom had seven  kids and my siblings  had kids too, even me. So you know its big,  You can feel emotions know what’s going on . sometimes some are quiet others loud.  I would times leave the party, and  since it was at my parent home, I’d go to my room , try to relax and calm myself.  Shake of the emotions. I realized after a while I would stay more  in my room Away from others, relatives or family would ask why I don’t stay at the  party. Id say it’s too much ,I tell them I needed space.  Eventually  my other gift developed  being able to hear their internal talk bothers me . I wasn’t sure if it was normal. I found out years later what my psychic gifts are  learned and read about them.

Over whelmed: unable to sleep, mind wont shut down or off, constantly emotional.

Mind cant focus because of being tired. Feel emotionally sensitive, jumpy, cranky.

Hard to keep up in daily tasks ( washing dishes, doing laundry, etc)

Putting things off till later, , not wanting to deal with others emotions or thoughts,

Locking yourself in house away from family and friends. Then you will know your over whelmed. Take some time for self care. As empath we need the most, esp if you have more than 1 psychic ability it can get bit crazy, I know I’ve been there before.

Here are some of my Healing  self care Ideas

Start your day…  crystal or Gemstone Meditation

This can be done anytime of day not just morning, even night can work too with the moonlight.

Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and grab a crystal or gemstone,, if you can sit by window, look at the world around you , even if it’s your backyard. Feel the light fill the  room. Put coffee or tea down pick up or hold your gemstone or crystal of choice.  Take  3 deep breathes in and out. Look at your stone or crystal, if there is sunlight let the sunlight shine on stone, see the color highlights shown by sun. Close you eyes while holding the  stone or crystal ,  think of the healing properties of the stone ( rose quartz: love, comfort. Crystal quartz: healing, positive thoughts, etc . )feel the loving energy come thru the stone to up your arm into  your heart. See the positive change and blessings this stone has to offer.  Try to focus on your energy for  10mins if possible . Even if your having a bad morning , or sleepless night before try to reconnect with the stone.

Morning meditation.

Take few deep breathes again while focusing on energy stone coming up your arm to your heart. You may feel warm and fuzzy or energized, take a moment to enjoy the feel. Think about your things you must do today, don’t stress just see you doing them with positive  love and light. See each task complete, greet those you love or encounter with a smile and friendly “Hello”. Even if they don’t respond back smile knowing you’ve greet day in positive way. Slowly come back to your body, open your eye and start your day. If there is extra time light some favorite incense, say a morning prayer to  your patron gods and goddesses.   If have and sunny day  go to somewhere  your yard where you wont be disturb for 10-15 mins  feel the grass between your toes.   rub grass with your hands try to reconnect with earth goddess.

If your stressed. See your self like a tree with roots, push down all the negative energy, thoughts, anger, frustrations into ground,  once done feel the loving soothing energy come up from below, raise your hands above to the sun and sky welcome positive sun rays and warmth into your body grounding , recharging, refocus your mind set to the positive thoughts. If you still holding your stone , enjoy the healing energy . come back into body and listen to birds chirp or sounds of day beginning.  Go inside and begin your day.  Consider doing yoga and basic stretches.

•  Set boundaries with people,  it may offend them but it’s for the best.  You’ll notice certain people might be psychic vampire ( those who can drain energy, make you feel negative when they wont deal with their own problems.) put it out in universe to ask them to help keep certain people away esp. if your having a hard day.

•             Shield/ protecting yourself when you about to go into the world, being around people or certain friends. Take a moment, to calm and center yourself. Envision a white light encircling you from top of head bottom of feet. . say a prayer to the goddess , angels, or universe  for help to set a boundary for yourself to protect from others feeling s .

•             If possible go for 20-30 min walk around the block or park if possible for 3 days a week it great way to help get a little in shape, get your heart pumping, and helps give endorphins make you feel good and shake of negative emotions and energy,.

•             Create a blessing journal , to write your thought your grateful that the goddess / Gods have bless your home, family and life. Even if they seems little or silly it’s ok if you do it often you can look bad on rainy or sad day, it might even calm your moods by looking at the brighter side of life.

•             Try a new nail color, get your nail  manicured,  get your hair done,   Find your inner goddess crave for in simple beauty and  pleasure . you’ll feel like a million bucks .

  • Go shopping on amazon or used book store, for new psychic development books{I got list to look over at bottom of this article}

•             Go get massage, look for local massage therapy school might offer discounts, for massage give student people work on.

•             Sit in the Sun for 20 mins, wear sunscreen if needed, feel the warmth of the sun, recharge  feel all the solar power banishing the negative, frustration, sad thoughts. Think on the bright side of life.

•             To take the moment to reconnect, go to  Safe place, park, woods, sea shore, stream, take your shoes off feel the grass , dirt , sand beneath your feet. Feel the wind in your hair, close your eye hear the calls of natures. Even if your in a big city, find a safe spot and reconnect. Meditate even if it’s 10 mins , breathe in love, harmony, light, exhale negative emotions,       sadness, frustration. Ask for guidance, tell her what you need help with, like Gods,  the Goddess , she our very essence She part of us all, she has so many names to be called by. Look up a specific goddess you’ve chosen,, look closely  to your type of belief, ( Celtic, Hindu, European, African , Asian,  there no wrong or right goddess for you.)

How to use your gift

There is many people out there you can help if you want, you look to help on  battered women shelter , learn to work children can help, or volunteer at a nursing home  many lonely people you can help ease their minds find love and comfort, or help  find their inner potential and inner strength   , consider taking some  psychological courses to help understand issues of the mind and learn to help. Some the books below can help you becomes a psychic reader/ psychic counselor , id research further to learn or go to psychic faire and talk there with others. I’ve decided to be an intuitive / psychic reader after many years of helping others.  I feel the calling  to being a ”light worker” ,  soon  I will offer sessions as spiritual and intuitive coach. If curious send me message.  I love to help people with my items within my boutique.  I want  to help them find their inner potential and give them inner strength to accomplish goals they set to be a success. 

I hope was able to give some ideas what you can as empath you can do and also learn a few ideas.

 Within my boutique I carry a few psychic development boxes as well empath protection and cleanse box sets.  I will soon be offer 1 on 1 intuitive coaching session to  help those to understand , how to work with psychic abilities. I want to  help  empaths and others  become empowered.

Here are a few books I found helpful:  you can become empowered, by reading and understanding your gifts and natural talents how you can use it in your day to day life.

  • Natural psychic by Ellen Dugan, 
  • The Awaken Psychic by Kala Ambrose,
  •  psychic protection by Ted Andrews,
  •  A Survival guide for those who have psychic abilities and don’t know what to do with them by Lisa Rooney.

Do you have questions? Just ask in comments below  or Private message me, I’m happy to assist you.

 Do you Would like to see our Empath and psychic  boxes?  we carry both these empath boxes and psychic gemstones, jewelry and more   within our boutique. Go to my contact page and clink the link to browse in Forevrgoddess Boutique.  Type in search “psychic” and have fun browsing.

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