20 Signs your Psychic Gifts are opening

20 Sign Your Psychic Gifts are Opening.

Brightest blessings. Come learn unique fun way your psychic sensing have been tingling, maybe we can offer clues to what psychic gift is opening . What we can offer to help ?

20 Sign your Psychic Gifts are Opening

Deep within all of us were psychic,  we have many abilities we access, some of us find out during some point in life. Many of us are born with abilities, if we look and practice daily we can open the door ways to use our gifts.  I was born with empathic gifts( to sense other feeling s people, animals.) and other psychic abilities.  I’ve been practicing with my gift since a teenager, I always felt my gifts were asleep. My mom was a medium, I hoped like her I can help people who are in need, I am Intuitive reader and offer  intuitive Coach sessions  , I love  help people find their potential with some of the ideas. eventually with working with my chakras and intuition I opened my clairvoyant gifts and more intuitive gifts   .

Remember everyone is psychic . we each have abilities, stronger in some of us than other.

You can becomes psychic if you believe and try learning. you just need to “turn on” the button.  your psychic gifts or maybe be come more aware of them.   You’ve might’ve seen points in your  life where your intuition has come into play .   Even ask family if they witness anything around you or experience moments with your psychic abilities, or other in family that may have or notice with you?   examples: Do you remember hearing grand ma Ruth  seeing angels? Or grandpa Edward  heard voice before  to stop before crossing the road , he could’ve  gotten hit by a car.? Maybe your mom heard you talking to someone , your mom asked it was great aunt Mearle who passed away before you were born?  Etc.

 There’s many ideas, books, blogs, some looking on Pinterest can help with other ideas. I offer this information that  help you discover your natural psychic abilities , you just need to become more aware of your life, and what surrounds you world . Maybe  then you will pick with your intuition what your psychic abilities are saying. It’s simple and easy to understand. We walk this journey together. 

  • Being large group of people or even mall or supermarkets are overwhelming? { it can multiple gifts}
  • Being about to see spirit walking around in supermarket that are with family member but know they are dead?  And they want you pass a message to spirit love ones. {Medium}
  • maybe you felt energy in room where people were gotten into a fight, and you can pinpoint who it is.?{empath}
  • have you felt your friends emotions and it would linger all day. till you talk to them and goes away? { Empath}
  • do you hear buzzing sounds in your ears, Music, or song lyrics, some say “ angel radio”? or Someone calls one call your name, but no one around? { Clairaudient}
  • If friend explains a situation that happen her , you can “tune in” to the moment and see it happen in your mind eye? Maybe offer advice? { clairvoyant}
  • Can you feel energy from rock, person, pets, or location?  Antiques? If you put your hand over it? [Clairsentience}
  • can you see colors around people , pets, or an  objects? Can you see your aura?[Seeing Auras}
  • have you ever held an object piece of jewelry {from your great aunt Tilly} or at antique store and experience flash to back in time see the previous owner who owned the item?  {See aunt tilly wearing it the jewelry at moment in time?} {clairsentience}
  • have you ever had vivid dreams, see symbols, numbers, and parts of past { post cognition} or present or maybe even near future{Precognition}? Do you write them down?  Has any of them been confirmed on?{
  • Do you have gut reaction to people when you don’t feel they are genuine? Bad feelings? Been right on point about person or place? { Clairsentience}
  • Do you see shadows in corner of eyes or shadowing moving around a home, place or people?
  • Were you considered sensitive as child?
  • Do you crave peace and quiet ,  prefer downtime after spending a lot of time with others in life , work or going around town?
  •  Did you have imaginary  friends as child?
  •  Do you ever had moment of déjà vu, or watch tv show that gave you moment into your past life?
  • Felt better and able to communicate with animals or pets?
  •   You can smell perfume that aunt may used to wear, who pasted away 5 years ago? Smell roses when you see angels?
  • Or even smell cigars your grandpa smoked when he was alive?
  • When talking to friend you come up with perfect advice , on something you have no knowledge?

If you have answered to one or more questions, your psychic gifts are opening. Maybe it’s time to learn about them. Look for our Article” Empath’s Healing and Wellness”

Be Love ,Be Light-Norma

Look for links to my Forevrgoddessboutique.com  , its blogs posts where I talk about psychic Gifts and Abilities. We will publish more articles soon. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.  Ask about working with me One on One for Developing your psychic with me as intuitive/ Psychic Coach sessions { We begin booking appointments at the end of this November 2020. DM me for more information. With each session booked ,  You will receive box of  tools and to start your journey with guidance to develop your psychic gifts.

  • Look to my Pinterest board : psychic /intuitive gifts.
  • Look for other blogs or articles  that talk about psychic gifts and how to use them.
  •   Look to amazon.com for psychic development books.

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