Increase Psychic Awareness with Crystals and Gemstones.

Brightest blessings, Come learn about some crystals and gemstone to open up and gain strength with your psychic gifts and awareness.

Brightest Blessings, Many of Us want to learn how to use crystals and gemstones within our lives and maybe increase our psychic awareness.  here’s are  12  of my favorite gemstones and crystals. I use many of them when working with intuitive/ psychic gifts for my reading with clients, friends  or to gain strength when using my psychic gifts. Sometimes different chakras can help further opening in case,  I feel blocked or need to realign my chakras.  I carry some of these gemstones in beads and make personal pendants I wear daily. { I carry some protection and psychic awareness pendants within my boutique} Some I wear only certain time of the day, esp. when working with my intuitive readings. And need a pick me up or help channel my energy.

you can carry these gemstone by wearing them as pendant on chain, carry tumbled gemstones in pocket ,or purse.

I know first hand by working with gemstones and crystals for years and add new gemstones to the list  as I go.   I know how  some of these crystals and gemstone can help.  So here the list of 12 crystal and gemstones. I will included some gemstones that have dual purpose helping opening your psychic gifts as well serve as protection when you need it . I will make a post about psychic protection gemstones here soon.

Know there  more gemstones or other crystals that can help , so please  don’t feel this all there is. you can feel empowered by them. each of us are psychic don’t doubt yourself. we just need to “turn on” the switch. Work each gemstone see what feels right for you there is no right or wrong.  Learn here to start then, explore on Pinterest, google, go to your local new age store, even crystal healing books.

Gemstone: Amethyst:  all healing ( mind, Body , Spirit) inner peace, calming one’s mind. a sense of spiritual insight when in a deepen stage of meditations, help with psychic awareness,  enchance psychic abilities:clairvoyant and clairaudience,  protective stone esp. psychic attacks, helps with grief or loss, releases tension.  .Helps over- come bad habits tendencies, and calm anxiety attacks  . high spiritual vibration, helps guard against psychic attack.

Gemstone : Herkimer diamond:  spiritually enhances your dream states. Emotionally clears the emotional body, provides harmony, beauty, enhances self confidence. Protection from what you don’t need or want. Helps astral travel, used for crystal healing, works with 3rd eye brow and crown chakra. Stimulates clairvoyant and clairaudient  abilities, activate crown chakras for inner vison and dreams.

Gemstone Blue calcite: removes blockage from brow and throat chakras , gently soothing psychic over stimulation. throat chakra helps communication and amplify communication energy. Good for meditation. enhance psychic gifts: clairvoyance intuition, dream recall, creativity. Increase your sensitivity of thoughts and boots telepathy so there a strong connection long distance. Deeply calming,  relaxing stones, relief from stress, anxiety,  and help rebalance emotions and body . Gemstone : Labradorite:  love, compassion, protection, balance, clairvoyance, ascension, helps purify  your energy connected you with the energy of light, it clears and open chakras, while bringing you closer to discovering your dreams and uncovering your destiny. Stone of New moon, hold to the opens 3rd eye chakras. Self confidence,  increase psychic abilities, place under pillow for dream recall.  Shield and protects  aura. Protects against other  people energies and psychic attacks. deflect  unwanted energies from the aura . Aligns the physical and etheric bodies. .it raises conscious and ground spiritual energies into physical body. This stones stimulates intuition and psychic gifts balances inner sight.

Gemstone: Spirit quartz ( cactus quartz): a wonderful meditation stones, brings focus and peace and assists in astral travel. Aligns all chakras, emotional, physical, and spiritual , relieves fears and aids in grief process. Help with psychic awareness.   Takes away fears and Awakens encouraging you to live out your will. Clears all auras, meridians  and chakras.

Gemstone: Blue Kyanite: Great for meditation, past lives recall, channeling, vivid dreams serenity, manifestation of thought into reality. Helps third  eye chakra, aligns all chakras immediately. Tranquility and powerful amplifier of high frequency energy to stimulating psychic  abilities. this stone connects with spirit guides. tranquility and powerful transmitter, and amplifier of high frequency  energies. Stimulates psychic-abilities and intuition,  with its ability to connect to your spirit guides.

Gemstone: Quartz Crystal  :, amplify of energy. Welcoming positive energy and ,clarity of thought.All healing , psychic protection  Vision Quest,help expand psychic abilities, Protection, Cleanse aura,  positive thought,   and meditation. all healing, harmony, psychic awareness, protection, cleanses aura, mirrors to soul ,it helps us to see who we truly are free of limitations. powerful protection stone. Encourages clarity, draws and receives energy , 

Gemstone:  Rainbow  Moonstone: It is a stone of balancing, introspective, reflective and lunar. It is capable of helping one with the changing structures of ones life on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The energy relates to “new beginnings”, allowing one to realize that these “new beginnings” are, in actuality, the fruition of each “end”. From Love is in the Earth by Melody.

Moonstone also help us connect with our spirit guidesand help enchance psychic abilities.

Psychic awareness and psychic  protection: note from the list above there are more that have dual purpose.

Smoky quartz :  Protective, grounding, purifying energy, dispel negative energy draws positive energy, it  Raises vibrations during meditation. Helps link with base and earth chakras .  excellent for relieve of stress And tension. This stones teaches you to leave behind anything that no longer serves good for you. This stones relieves fear and depression.: grounding,  stabilizing,  centering energies.  Helps over come negative emotions such as  stress, fear, jealousy,  anger and even depression.  Protections, mood lifting, protects from nightmares.

Gemstone : Black Moonstone : helpful during new moon, and inspires new ideas and beginnings. Psychic protection,  esp. around home, inspires to positively. Strengthen intuition, moon stone divine feminine energy.  Grounding repel negativity,  helps with inner visions, past life recall.

Gemstone: Tiger eye (Gold): Tiger eye: Self -confidence, helps getting you thru difficult stages in life. Helps with self- worth,  self –criticism. Protection from ill will of others & Curses. Attracts   Harmony, grounding  , personal empowerment Creativity, Good luck, Wealth, wishing,  wisdom, calming, psychic abilities, healing. inner confidence, wealth, wisdom, grounding, protection, psychic-abilities. worn as talisman again I’ll wishing and curses. Placed on third eye it can enhance psychic-abilities in earthy people and balance lower  chakras.

Learning to use these gemstones for Psychic awareness and gifts,  teaches us that knowledge we  can use for not only for wonderful opening of our psychic gifts, it can go beyond anytime within  our lives . Using  Crystals and gemstones in  healing is very powerful, and when gemstones are set with intention the possibilities are endless. Cleanse, charge with intent, believe the energy you put in it and watch your world change ,if you willing to try.

To cleanse any of these gemstones or crystal is simple:

•             Cleanse under running water, kitchen or bathroom sink.  we have small creek next to my home, I use a little organza bag hold firmly, place into moving water. let the water wash over gemstone or crystal for 1-3 minutes.

•             Cleanse using smudge ritual take white sage bundle,  Palo Santo or any other smudging herb pass over the smoke or push the smoke to  the stone.  You can do it for few  minutes is fine.

•             Pass over incense that burning  {any kind will do, my favorite is  Lavendar or sage }

•             Pass over a candle flame.

•             Put in small bowl of salt for 5-10 minutes –

•             Put in small bowl of dirt or potted plant for 5-10 minutes

•             Moonlight or sunlight I do both since it charge them with both sunlight and moonlight so it always charged. Plus note gemstone citrine or amethyst can fade in long periods in sunlight light. 10 minutes for sunlight ,perfect unless you want longer it’s your choice.

Once you feel your gemstone  or crystal is ready and cleanse let’s charge with intent your gemstone of choice.

Charge with intention

 when charging or programming, you gemstone, keep in mind the goal or desire you wish to bring into your life. Help manifest this desire to life, say a prayer to your  Goddess, God, Angels, Elementals,   ask  them for their support to bless this new path you wish to journey on. Keep them in your pocket, bra, purse or coin pocket as reminder what healing qualities you wish to be blessed at moment .  Remember to cleanse your crystal or gemstone, they may appear dirty after a while esp. if you in negative areas or situations in life. They may need a simple cleanse running water does the trick every time or you can put in bowl  of water near window to charge by moonlight and sun. Please note : citrine and amethyst can fade if long time spend in the sunshine.  10 minutes for either is fine in sunlight.

Keeping any of these gemstone can bring positive energy within yourself , sacred space, or home.

Where to go from here  look online Pinterest, google, read other psychic awareness blog posts, here’s a 2 of books to look for help about crystal healing .  Crystal bibles or any of her books  by  Judy hall ,  has many books for crystal healing and how use them, I love her books.  Crystal ,gems, metal magic by Scott Cunningham .

look our post 20 sign your psychic gifts are opening. to see what your psychic gifts could be.

Do you have questions? Just ask in comments below  or Private message me, I’m happy to assist you.

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