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Hello , for many us have walked path, that we feel as though everything has been destroyed either a relationship, work, friends and even love ones.

I know it’s not easy, trust me I’ve been thru many thing in life that has set me back for days even weeks. But I always remember what a woman once told me my ex grandma. She and her son came to visit to look for my ex ,he was gone with another woman. She saw I was visibly upset . She said .”God would not give you these challenges and hardship or trials if you were not strong enough. “
I felt surpised at the words , and I began to smile.

I felt deep down ,Dont turn back! move forward with life , say prayer to heaven and move on. I’ve had my struggles in life more than I can count on both hands. But I always remember her words. Any setback I felt . I remember her words and felt a spark within. I felt fire to be stronger than before. And I knew I always deserved better , know my worth. I’ll wipe my tears away and look to heaven with silent prayer for guidiance. Sit and meditate , So I can see where I need to go next .

Remember your worthy of so much if you dont give up. Be stronger , be wiser of those you draw close, dont be afraid to tell others how you like to treated. And when you have setback. Then remember grandma words. See how they can empower you to go beyond and leave those who wish to destroy you behind.

If you see a repeating pattern of destruction or see the same problem happen again and again it’s time to look deeply those in your life.that you may need to leave or detox from for your self, family and love ones. You deserve to be love and cherish.

Create your magickal space.

I’m always here if ever you need me . BE love be light-n

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