Forevrgoddess intuitve services “Love Edition”

Hello ,I hope your having Good day? I wanted to present what love themed intuitive/psychic readings I offer. Some of you may be going In different part of love from exploring the world to see who your soul mate?  Dating people,  what you think of certain guy? ,  Is He iNto Me? How to create passionate spark rekindled  in couple or create deeper connection together.  Find Understanding of your lover,  theirs thoughts, actions ,even their feeling so  you can go forward

  I’m Also  here for those going thru break up or divorce. We look and see where maybe we can heal the parts broken and find insight how to move forward and maybe when ready allow love in again.  What Next in Love  for me?

We gain insight from looking to you past life soul mate and see if there are any connection effecting your present love life.  To Looking to Goddess of Love , Aphrodite  to give us advice to help you find connection in love.

We can also explore your Numerlogy love compatibility. To see where your numbers in your date of birth ,give insight how you love  and maybe look to your lover info as well to see if love can be possible or overcome come any obstacles to grow stronger from this insight.

  These Intuitive/psychic readings
Are for  Anyone wanting to explore their Love Life.
offering Discounts on all our readings,
$5.00 off any intuitive reading valued $12.00 or more . ITs half off some readings. DM me with any questions, if you cant find what your looking for don’t hesitate to ask ,I’m here to help

We also offer other unique reading  numberlogy reading, 4 elements, come meet your Goddesses . Angels, faeries and other wonderful readings offered. . Use promo code:PSYCHIC$5
coupons expires Feb 28, 2021
Blessings of love and light -n
Here the link.

Find out More ,click on facebook service page and link to my boutique, to see what psychic services we provide

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