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FGB Imbolc Blog post updated 2023

    Ways to celebrate Imbolc/ Candlemas  . Many of us here in Rural  Paris, Idaho live in colder climates. We had fresh snow fall today. With trees, hillsides and mountain have a lot of snow and ice.We hope for warming of weather to bring us signs of spring. Some of birds have returned from warmer areas, though were expected this year for early spring , I’m counting down the days.  I’m excited to see the snow melt , trees , plants begin to have buds

2023 – With colder temps this year doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy this beautiful holiday indoor best wishes to you this spring .

 Here’s a small list of ideas to celebrate Imbolc or Candlemas, history on this special holiday is just  below this list.

Imbolc celebration ideas ,these are just some  ideas, to learn more Imbolc celebration ideas  explore our book list  at bottom of article.

  • Simple lighting of candles through the home, to honor the return of sun and Goddess Brigid
  • House/ sacred space cleansing: smudge you home to cleanse and invite positive energy within to bring luck, good health, love,  harmony, and peace.
  • Curl up with Good wiccan themed book by the fire place with green tea
  • Do some candle magick to bring good health, love, prosperity  and protection in coming spring.
  • Imbolc arts and craft esp. Saint Brigid’s cross, include your family and  grandchildren.
  • Go for morning walk in nature, enjoy finding and see what first stirs of spring bring.
  • Do pyro Mancy :  fire scrying with fire place, bonfire or candle
  • Do melting wax  into water divination
  • Do rituals for protection of home, family, even car
  • Other divination ideas:  Liboanmancy -Reading smoke from candles or fire place, dream interpretation, Tasseography – tea leaf reading, runes, crystal ball reading
  •  Charge gemstones under light of sun for good luck, love, protection,  and harmony. Keep them in pocket, purse or even car.
  • Do  Pendulum or tarot readings on love themed reading- since it will valentine’s day soon
  • Bake and cook Imbolc or spring dishes and celebrate with family and few close friends.
  • Blessing for your seeds for garden and flower beds
  • }0{ Update for 2023}0{
  • Do blessings for all your furbabies or pets to ensure a year of good health and protection esp if they go outside
  • spiritual goal setting for Personal Growth, spirituality, Life and Self care
  • Time to cleanse the home and sacred space , declutter, dust, wash walls and altar piece
  • buy some new spring décor, paint or draw o with marker protection, good health, hapiiness sigils to invite and protect home and sacred space.
  • create using crystal grids with crystal quartz, black tourmaline, citrine and amethyst to bring good energy, peace, and happiness
  • use hand bells when smudging the home to cleanse the area and sacred space, we have our children help ring the bells to cleanse the energy. plus my kids like to say out loud ” negativity energy leaves this room and home now”

Here is a List of Books to read on Imbolc and Candlemas, enjoy

  • Celebrate the Earth – Laurie Cabot and Jean mills
  • Season of witchery –  Ellen Dugan
  • Candlemas by Amber K and Azrael Arynn K
  • Earth, air, fire water- Scott Cunningham
  • Llewellyn Sabbat essential book : Imbolc
  • Llewellyn Sabbat  almanac { any year will  do }

Here is some information of Imbolc, this not my creation .I found this on Pagannews, years ago when the website was up.

Imbolc correspondences from  http://www.pagannews.com

 Imbolc is also known as Candlemas, St. Brigits Day, Brides Day, or Groundhogs Day. The word Imboc means “in the belly”. It is the celebration of the return of the maiden of spring. During this time we see the first stirrings of life and spring. The Celtic Goddess Brigit/Brigid, pronounced “Breed”, is honored on this day. She is the triple muse Goddess who brings fertility of the upcoming spring. She is also a fire Goddess who rules over healing, inspiration, poetry and smithcraft. One tradition is to make Brigit a bed. This entails making a corn dolly to represent the Goddess in her maiden form and making a phallic wand and placing them side by side in a basket. The corn dolly is called a biddy. Another tradition is that a Priestess should wear a crown of 13 candles. Some do this to represent the young maiden bringing forth the light of spring and some traditions use this to represent the Mother, because it is the Mother Earth who is quickened at Imbolc.

Lore – It is traditional upon Imbolc, at sunset or just after ritual, to light every lamp in the house, even if only for a few moments. Or you can light candles in each room. This is to honor the Sun’s rebirth. If snow lies on the ground outside, walk in it for a moment and recall the warmth of summer. With your projective hand, trace an image of the sun on the snow.

Colors – White, Yellow & Pink

Symbols – Candles, The Bride, Burrowing Animals, Grain Dolly& Sun Wheels.

Deities – God and Goddess as children, All Virgin Goddess’

Stones – Turquoise & Amethyst

Ritual Oils – Jasmine, Apricot, Carnation, Sweet Pea, Neroli & Olive

Food – Foods appropriate to eat on this day include those from the dairy, since Imbolc marks the festival of calving. Spicy and full bodied foods in honor of the sun are equally attuned. Also peppers, onions, leeks, shallots, garlic and chives are appropriate. Spiced wines and dishes containing raisins, any food symbolic of the sun are traditional. From www.Pagannews.com

May you find joy this Imbolc,

  May the Goddess bring abundance, joy and love this coming spring.

Be love Be light- Norma

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