Hello I hope your having a good day.?
Each of us can do a random act of kindness to others. Many are struggling this past year, and some have caught upon their Bills , while others have not. A week ago from family member of ours mentioned a family in need of help they had children were desperate situation.

So rob,kids and me, kids went thru their toys and some stuff animals and gave them to family. I went thru all our clothes and info clothes to share incase it was needed even socks.

I want to teach our children to share , with others. We had donated more clothes a few months earlier to my sister in law church . We dont mind sharing to help another, my kids were happy to help. Other with my family member church help the desperate family .and now all is well were happy to say.

Give something to someone less fortunate is good our highest good is and can share with others . My mom would gather clothes from the whole family and take to El Salvador and share with family and towns people in need.

Give a little is good see if you have somethi g to donate to others even if you can buy them food, offer clothes or shoes you dont wear. Send food to shelters , find local families or elderly who need at little help.

I also create jewelry and other gifts for local animals shelter in Hope’s maybe someone will adopt a furbaby.

They will all be grateful. Know God, Goddess, all higher power see this and will remember the time your in need. Blessings of love and light-n

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