Witchy inspires ways to celebrate Ostara and Vernal equinox


Updated 3/20/2022 New Ideas to celebrate Ostara

Hello beautiful spirit , it’s Norma you know Forevrgoddess. I’m so excited for Ostara to come this week, here’s some great witchy inspired ideas to invite spring within your home and life. So grab a cup of tea and let’s begin .

Witchy Inspired Ways to celebrate Ostara . Many of us here in Rural  Paris, Idaho live in colder climates. We have had warmer tempts these last few days, the sun is shining . were hoping for more snow to melt a lot of areas are melting.

My little creek called Paris creek next to my house has begun to defrost and filling up with snow run off, it does every year. we watch and keep kids away to be safe till the creek calms down. with flow of water.

With trees are beginning to buds, hillsides and mountain side starting to bloom with new life. We hope for warming of weather to bring us signs of spring. Some of birds have returned from warmer areas. The birds been eyeing my cats foods out back. Make my kitties nervous. lol  I’m counting down the days.  

Here’s a small list of ideas to celebrate Ostara or spring equinox , history on this special holiday is just  below this list.

Imbolc celebration ideas ,these are just some  ideas, to learn more Imbolc celebration ideas  explore our book list  at bottom of article.

  • take a walk in forest, park or arboretum, enjoy looking at the new flowers blossom.
  • Go to Lowes or home depo, even a green house and buy some flowers to plant in your garden or inside home in pot.
  • start a bonfire, create an  herbal blend as offerings to gods,
  • plant flowers( if you cant outside, do so indoors),
  • Spray with essential oils with water to freshen home. As you cleanse home open a window, visualize the old energy move on and bring fresh spring  indoors. {Of course depending the weather in your area}.

•             House/ sacred space cleansing: smudge you home to cleanse and invite positive energy within to bring luck, good health, love,  harmony, and peace.

•             Curl up with Good wiccan themed book by the window in the sun, with Floral earl grey { my favorite is by Tiesta tea Victorian floral earl grey}

•             Do some candle magick to bring good health, love, abundance,  prosperity, confidence, self love,  and protection for  spring travels.

•             Ostara  arts and craft esp. Painting eggs, paint flower pots,  , go on treasure hunt { have fun hiding the coins for little ones in your life ,to find them }  look for gold chocolate coins in your yard or garden and leave offering for the faeries.  include your family and  grandchildren.

•             create house plant blessings, bless your new plants or others you have  

•             crystal gemstones to help you remember your dreams at night, and research about their meanings.my favorite and  Perfect gemstones to use for dreams: rainbow moonstone, labradorite, amethyst.

  • Create a dream journal, keep track of your dreams. Have paper or book by bed and pen, when you awaken the next morning write down you dreams as many details.

•             Ask Goddess Eostre to bless your seeds for coming planting season for flower beds or gardens.

•             Do rituals for protection of home, family, even car

•             Add new Ostara or spring items to your altar add flowers, bunnies, eggs, and other springs themed decor. look to hobby lobby, dollar tree, family dollar even

•             look for spring tarot spread, and see what spring will bring to you.

•             Charge gemstones under light of sun for good luck,, abundance,protection,  love, and harmony. Keep them in pocket, purse or even car.

  • Create a spring ritual to celebrate with witchy friends to welcome spring blessings.

•             Bake and cook Ostara or  spring dishes and celebrate with family and few close friends.

Updated ideas for Ostara.

  • Do Ostara /waxing crescent moon ritual with a few witchy friends. {I will present new spring spell to invite positive energy and abundance into your life , here soon}
  • Spread Happiness by dropping off little Gifts baskets, to friends for this holiday.
  • Go thrifts shop and look for vintage décor for spring for your home, sacred space or work .
  • Paint rocks for your Garden with unique phrase, loving words to uplift, or find small rocks and give them as gifts
  • Dance in the rain with friends or your children. my children the spring rain storms.
  • sit by a window and watch the spring thunderstorms come in, cuddle up with cup of tea.
  • Look to astronomy websites to see upcoming star gazing events.
  • make flower crown with wild flowers with a few friends and take photos to celebrate Ostara
  • Do a walking meditation bare foot in fresh new grass, be a mindful goddess
  • pick wild flowers, and put then in vase to bring in positive energy in your home.

How to use Journal Prompts

Consider finding a journal that pleases you to take on this journey. It can be any color or design. Choose whatever works for you—small to fit in your pocket or purse, or large with space for drawing or lengthy writing. This will help you tune into the moment, sort out your thoughts, be more patient, and connect with your higher self. It allows for introspect (examining your thoughts and feelings). Journaling can be powerful, it can help you see the current motivation or thoughts and review if there is a need to change anything. It show you steps needed to create a new motivation or focus?

Attracting your thoughts from your higher self are valuable. Writing about your experience can help you understand your current motivation and what is going on in your life at that moment. Then you can align yourself with purpose, see when you get sidetracked, and learn how to correct your thoughts to refocus your goals.

 Journal prompts :

What do I want to do this spring ? how will I celebrate Ostara?

What am I ready to transform  within my life? what intentions do I want to set this spring { more self care, eating healthy, exercise, take time for myself, work on being more aware of world and outside influences good or bad , release old stagnant / negative energy cords

Here is a List of Books to read on Ostara, enjoy

  • Sabbats by Edain Mc coy
  • The Wiccan Year By Judy Ann Nock

•             Earth, air, fire water- Scott Cunningham

•             Llewellyn Sabbat essential book : Ostara

•             Llewellyn Sabbat  almanac { any year will  do }or  Witches spell a day

  • Ostara by Edain Mc coy

Here’s a little info Wonderful Sabbat: Ostara

Ostara/ Vernal Equinox/ Spring Equinox/ Lady day

Date : March 20-23

Ostara is named after the Germanic  Goddess Eostre, Goddess of  Spring,

 Also the time Of  the  Maiden courted by the youth god and

She also her sacred totems was the rabbit and eggs- the symbol of new life

There is old legend that this lowly rabbit wanted to please the goddess, so he decorated colorful eggs and presented them to the goddess. She was pleased that she wanted to share with other people . so started the decorating eggs- sabbat- Edain Mc coy

The spring equinox is celebration of balance of day and night. Fertility, lush green land , people and animals letting go of old mind set and make room for new fresh outlook of life, renewal. Seed planting ,house blessings.  Volunteer with others, plant trees, paint  eggs and hold egg hunt.

 Ostara color egg represent :

Green: green grass and pastures fertility, eco magick ritual for earth goddess and woodland god , good fortune, and personal beauty.

Robin blue:  like the egg, purification, Chasity. Yellow wealth, health, intellect, communication, astral travel,

Lavender: love, romance, healing. Pink : romantic love, household  peace

Blood red new life ritual, Goddess ritual, vigor vitality, lust ,passion, Strength courage

Orange: color of God, navel chakras. White: purification, virgin goddess, good fortune

Black, crone goddess, winter death , mourning. Silver :Moon , triple goddess, psychic, spirituality, water

Gold : the sun, the God, Money ,Fire. Brown: autumn, animals, waning year,

Turquoise: spiritual knowledge. Pastels colors : light green, light yellow, pink, baby powder blue

Traditional for Ostara in middle ages.

Color from Sabbats by Edain Mccoy

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a line.

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Enjoy the Beginning of spring, Blessing of Love and Light – N

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