“Find your path to happiness “

” Find your path to Happiness “- Forevrgoddess
Hello , I hope your having a good day. Here a quote ,I wrote years ago. I was a waitress at little restaurant in soda springs, idaho.

I found d to insert little quotes to inspire people in their daily life. I always created a new quote each day as I worked and wrote on bottom of ticket. Some would chuckle, other would smile.

Each of us have an opportunity to find path to happiness. It can be as simple as awaken each morni g to know your alive and breathing and grateful you arise with the sun.

Settle down with your morni g drink of choice , think out your day daily tasks, find ways to sprinkle some joy in your life and maybe in a few others.

Pick joyful color to dress for the day cheerful colors can be yellow, green, pink , if you wear any blue make it turquoise .bright colors are wonderful, And so cheerful.

Decide as you dress for the day set intention and ask blessings from.universe, Angels, Goddess, God ,for your day to be blessed with joy, inner peace , happy moment and abundance in love.

Try to smile at your self in mirror , think to yourself. ” I am beautiful, worthy of happiness, peace ,love and joy. I bless with abundance in all things in life.”

And go about your day. Stop from time to smell the flowers blooming around town ,as you . Take moment to go park and take cup of drink choice . Feel the sunlight warm your skin, feel wind blow , admire the spring time life stir again.

If you can and safely go for walk in woods , arboretum or nature park for even 30 mins ,take a lunch and have picnic bring a friend or family member. if weather permits. . Sit by a running water feel the enegry and connection to you, dont be afraid to dip your feet. Maybe a for a minute depending on water is warm in your area.

If water cold like our is in paris ,idaho. The sitting by it is good enough. Be safe if snow is melting and creek or stream is full water rushing fast , it can be dangerous for small pets or children esp if they fall in. Safety first.

Try to find joy in your day . Smile more , you bless in this world. Find some new hobbies to try, look to pinterest for Crafty spring ideas, to get into a happy mood.

Do some meditations from Insight timers app, even do yoga to make you feel good. accept positive enegry into your life , look for it everyday.

Dont forget give thanks at the end of the day to those you worship for good days , even bad days too, there maybe lessons to learn this day.

If you need me I’m always here, Goddess Bless. Be love Be light-n

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