Explore your night sky

Hello ,many of us are excited for warmer weather, I love to go into our hills once the snow melts, we can see what new life has stirred and grows wild in our local hills and mountains.

It’s time maybe to
Explore your world locally. Got into hills or local mountains, for hikes, go the beach, sit by the lake.

Even in urban part of world go a different routie home from work see what has changes for new spring time.

Even pack up kids, friends, family and pets and go for scenic drive. Pack for picnic and find spot and each the view try not to stress be with family enjoy them they are part your world.

Then explore your world beyond home. Maybe take evening pack up in car go outside the city lights and look up into the night sky. Be amazed our lil unique world we live in go to planetarium . Seek and learn about new discoveries made for space and beyond.

Remember were made from stars, let connect with our world and look beyond with new appreciation world we live in find peace within ourselves and love ones. Find and give peace to world outside of us.

May you find the light of your soul reborn under the starlight filled skies.
Be love Be light-n

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