Hello I hope your having agood day?
I wanted to see if I can get some of you to soulconnect with me. Let talk about Gemstones. If you have 2 gemstones that’s your favorite which ones is it? Why? I’d love to hear a out it.
Do you know their meaning? I provided some info in the photos. But I know alot about them too.

Let’s start my favorite gemstone is
Amethyst and labradorite

Amethyst -my favorite purple gemstone
Means inner peace, serenity, help with psychic protection, help increase psychic awareness ,connect mind and body and soul, all healing. Know for chakras
3rd eye, crown. I have many jewelry pieces with it.

Labradorite:- is my favorite greenish blue stone. I’ve always love its color of blue or gold sheen caught inside this stone. Meaning connects with spirit world, increase psychic awareness, help connect and purifies with enegry of light, opens all chakras.

So what yours favorites? If you know meaning no worries i can help. I’m excited to learn your 2 favorite gemstones .

Blessings of love and light-norma

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