Tuesday transformation

What part of your life , do you want to transform to positive change?
Hello I hope your having a good day?
Life can get busy for many of us, family, school, work, love relationships,  our healths, what surrounds us  in our world we live in. Sometimes we need to be mindful how to create a positive change in our lives.

Many of us, have tired to change for positive results only to fall back,  been waiting g to try or maybe were afraid to dip our toes in waters of changes. It’s time to transform  our lives in to posit9ve outlook. 

Simple as in morning with coffee have a few moments to meditate, I always meditate with gemstone or 2. I like to use clear crystal quartz for mental clarity, healing, and positive enegry.  Citrine : happiness, manifesting enegry, positive enegry. Tiger eye for inner strength, confidence, manifesting energy,  and protection. Labradorite : focus  on transforming to change in positive manner, connecting with our intuition.  Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in and out.Hold gemstone in hand for a few minutes thing on healing properties and ask the gemstone to bless you for that day. Dont forget to connect with universe, Goddess, God, whom every bbn you pray to  for support.  You can meditate for 10 minutes.  Sit by a window or go outside if weather permits sit under sunlight.  Feel warmth and love of the sun. Ask to be bless for good day, ask for happy change to come into my life, ask positive enegry bring about new way of life. Give thanks and go about your day.

Think about
Wearing colors of pink, yellow or gold
Pink for unconditional love, blue for serenity, healing.  yellow or gold for positive enegry , sunny cheerfulness,.
Consider wearing jewelry of citrine, white crystal quartz, tiger eye and labradorite

Smile as you go out into world even if people arent around . Smile be polite even rude people. Say hello to people you dont usually to. 

Why not Do something special for yourself? Buy yourself flowers, take 30 mins  walk in nature park , have lunch at park, buy a new book, may e even something new to wear.

Ideas for positive changes: declutter the home give away whatvyou dont use or need to women /children or homeless shelter, spring clean and smudge  the home  to invite positive enegry, 

consider looking and trying new food recipes with healthier and high vibrational foods, drink fruit flavor water- my favorite is lemon water with cucumbers.

Find and buy  Create a crystal grid for positive enegry, inner peace, love and harmony.

Make special day to spend time with family go for scenic drive into mountaine or beaches, whatever close to you, and maybe have picnic. 

Whatever you decide be grateful each day for what new blessings or lessons you learn this day. Give thanks at the end of day .

Hopefully this will inspire you to find joy and love . I will be offer positive enegry sessions to help inspire your life with positive outcomes. Be love be light-n

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