What dream have come true ,in your life?
Hi its norma , you know Forevrgoddess. 

Hey I got a question to say to ask all of you,
I wanted to see how many of you ever had a dream come true? Meaning your have premonitions? a dream that predicted something that came true. Or even a moment of deja vu from night time dream . 

  When I was younger I had a few dreams that came true some were deja vu moments in time  , that seem to pop at me when I see the moment occur like in my dreams. Some were simple to what a friend would say to question, I would ask. Or watch out cross the street red car flies thru red light.

There have been other moments ,I’m trying to recall. I have close friend who would dream of my pregnancy and knew before I called her about it..thanks sara..lol

I had one where I know I would work at panada express restuarant,  but I hadn’t known where till I got the the job at brentwood restaurant,  it occurred the first at panda express restaurant in Barrington st , brentwood Calif.

Many of us dont think to write down our dreams. Some time our dreams can be filter what we saw that day on tv or watched a video online thru your cell phone.

My friend sara says it’s like trash dream everything you saw that day. Trust on my night ibwatched too much supernatural episodes , yup you got sam and dean were there and I’m on hunt..lol it’s funny and cool to watch.

Sometimes , we can connect our higher selves. Esp if we set the intentions before we sleep. Some of our dreams can unlock our future, give the lesson we need to learn,  we need to let go .

To create a moment of vivid dreams we can drink certain teas, meditate or pray to Goddess,  God, guardian angel, guides. We can ask for signs for different things in life. Ask for signs tomorrow morning you might get the job you applied for. See solutions to problem at home with family.

How do set intentions before bed? And how do I ask for signs for morning?

Simple easiest ways I teach many clients, friends even family to connect with universe,Goddess, God, Angel’s, spirit guides  even elementals . Tis simple  do your night routines before you go lay in bed to sleep . Take a moment  you can light a candle or even stick of incense.

You can say ” hello (Goddess, God, angels, guides, elemental) can you please help tonight. As I sleep can you help me ______( ask your intention: inspiration to find? Give glimpse of my future? Send me signs of Angel’s closeby? Etc ) I ask you bring me some dreams to help me find inspiration to help my life. Maybe offer guidiance for my need. I thank you ,sending  blessings of love and light to you . Good night”

then blow out candle so you dont start a fire in home .and put out your incense  stick as well.  Make sure to have paper and pen next to the bed.  So when you first wake up write down what you saw. Even if symbols, colors , number,  shapes ,image. Use your own intuitive mind to try to unlock the meaning of this dream.

Write all down  , so you can reflect over with your morning coffee or at lunch break. Look to pinterest for meanings,  definitions.  I also can offer insight.  I do services  for dream interpretation, if you need help .

So let’s soul connect , what dream did you have come to life?  Have you ever had premonitions? Or moment of deja vus?

I would to hear all about it. Please share your story. Be love be light-n

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