#tuesdaytransformation #trendytuesday

#tuesday transformation #trendytuesday

Hello I hope your having a good ? For today topic;color magick ,empowering your day with color

Many of dont realize how important it can be to empower your day with colors and gemstones. You may have heard some people saying my favorite is yellow. It’s so bright cheerful like the sun. And yes it’s True, this color is known for cheerfulness, happiness, and clarity. Maybe another time you may hear of baby nursery /bedroom to use soft or muted colors. Even blue to calm and soothe a baby to rest., instead of vibrant colors .

You got job interviews and want to work at a bank you want to wear orange for attracting the job opportunity you want.
Or Green for money.

We have certain colors of week you can use for work, self healing, love, inspiration, calming mood swings. Nothing is ever set in stone.

Let’s start with sunday: yellow/ Gold just for gold means attraction, beauty, confidence, divine connection, consciousness, money, happiness, healing and more .

Monday: white or silver let’s look at white meaning: change, calming, clarity, awaken, creativity, love, light, peace, harmony , healing and more.

Tuesday:red / scarlet / orange : orange means: attracting,transforming, freedom, justice, intelligence, money, balance,business, success.

Wednesday: violet / purple : meaning for purple : blessings, power, passion,calming manifesting, healing, self work, spiritual, transformation, wisdom.

Thursday: green : abundance, healing, independence, well being, sleep, optimism, fertility, generosity, balance

Friday: pink / blue /Aqua blue , I , let’s look at blue meaning : healing, business, change, home, friendship, knowledge, forgiveness, wisdom, hope, sleep, spiritual, transformation,

Saturday; black/ grey/ Indigo
Let’s look to black: acceptance, dignity, ending, protection, transformation, power, grounding, control, grief, authority.

Look to pinterest for color ideas to combine.Now know these are only a small portion of colors.

I can refer a book or two to later in this article , about power of color magick.
There is my favorite witchy calendar by Llewellyn worldwide publishing they carry 1 calendar and day book that shows color of the day. .
Llewellyn Witches calendar or date book they make each year I’ve try to buy my every year. But know they sell out quick.
I love the Information it give plus gives lunar cycle, astrology, solar eclipse s and more .

I will present more info on trendy Tuesday,next week we’ll talk about healing and empowering gemstones , how they can empower your day or week .
Got a question, I’m here to help
Be love be light-n

Books : color magick for beginners by Richard Webster.
Practical color magick by Raymond Buckland

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