Hello I’m late posting to day sorry.
Yesterday on wednesday our family experience a low moment and heartbreaking. One of Cats we own El short for eleanor. Be fore we found he was he..lol I took my poorlittle guy in to dr., he one of my 5 outdoor cats. Who roam in my trailer I live in. He he owns the trailer keep strays out of our area esp bigger animal skunks or raccoons.

El unfortunately had developed since last vet visit more health issues, it better to let him go than suffer. Our family will miss him. I know he up with heaven with our other furbabies. That passed away. My point here is , were lucky to have furbaby in our lives is life changing . We tend them feed them , clean her box, play with them, snuggle them, to play in the yard, bathe them etc. They are our emotional support animal. I love my pets I’m a sucker for furry face. Even if a new stray comes I alway offer food. I share with them . Trust me the magpie know where cats food outside is and they come grab a bite. I felt connect to animal all my life. Feeling love from pet is different from person. They dont judge you, they listen you even when ugly cry.( my cat judges me , lol I snuggle him) Unconditional love is so beautiful.

I’ve rescued many pets from the streets. Heck robert my husband rescued a salamander from freezing sewer water from pipe explosion.this winter

Today I’m thankful for all the love I feel and share with family with our pets. I’m so appreciated of their love they shared. Every wag of tails, head bump rubs, woof or meow . Every moment I cherish yes even when got poop inhouse or pee .I still love them.

I had 1 pup named little boy, I brought him home after finding him little under a car smiling. It was hot day . So vet next door I took him got him check out, found he was abandoned from shepard bring sheep down from weight station. He came home with my 2 girl dogs. They were fixed so they cant get pregnant. First I cooked my self steak and made nice salad. . I sat down to eat dinner alone , I forgot drink in kitchen . Cholee and maggie were good girl laying on their pillows. By the couch. I left my steak and salad on couch when to fetch my drink came back and little boy was licking his lips. I thought”wow your happy” then I turn to my plate to eat dinner my steak was gone..lol little boy ate my steak and left the salad. Lol well I learned to watch my food after that. Too funny he was good boy he lived long life.

I’m thankful everymorning I see wagging tail or purr from animals saying” hi mom feed me ” I love my all furbabies . And I’m thankful for unconditional love they give what they with our family.

One thing I do is for our local animal shelter. I make jewelry , pet pendants and gifts to donate animal shelter. They sell them.on facebook to raise some money for shelter and my Hope’s maybe someone will adopt a pet from them. I love doing it,and sharing some back for petsand animal of our valley. Maybe consider donating to your local animal shelter. Even if just food and litter. Even a little bit helps .

Show me a photo of your furbaby or furbabies?
Beloved be light hugs-n

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