Hello I hope your having a good day.?
Today lets talk about books, yes I love to read, I read alot of metaphysical, spiritual,wiccan, pagan, psychic, and other books. I love to expand my knowledge,so I can help client. Griends,even family with any needs or spiritual help. I love to read books about spirits and ghosts to learn, techniques for ghost hunting and how to do investigation, take notes,

how to help the client with paranormal experience, listen to other’s experience with unknown or spirit world, and anything else. This book 101 ways to find ghosts,
By melissa Martin ellis. I love this book so many thing s to learn. My favorite part are : description of ghosts, entity, haunts and hotspots.

How to conduct paranormal investigations, Psychic skills and self defense. Trust me there more to explore. Me and my family we go for ghost walks at our local paris cemetery. Plenty paranormal experience to be had there , each year we were excited to visit. Rob Mother buried , we go up and sit with her,bring flowers, and talk the off we go walk the cemetery. My son gabe loves to read any thing paranormal he like this book.
What your paranormal experience?I would to hear about it? I’ll share some our family paranormal experience sometime soon.

Well I hopefully you might want explore this book. Any questions I’m here to help.

I’ll be sharing more books every friday. Be love Be light-n

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