#tuesdaytransformation #trendytuesday

#tuesdaytransformation #trendytuesday
Hello it’s me Forevrgoddess  let talk gemstone last week we spoke about  what colors to wear in your outfit to empower your day. Here another part to how to empower your wardrobe.  Let’s talk about jewelry. The photo above shows what gemstone collection of my personal jewelry
I’ve bought myself or created for  myself , being giving as gifts from friends ,and what my husband has made  for me .every piece has meaning to gemstones I wears.

There are healing gemstones for every need. I will give list you can look for,  consider doing DIY project and made your self some jewelry to wear. Pinterest and I bet you tube has great tutorials how to create your jewelry.

Plus making your own, create enegry you bond to stone or piece of jewelry with can charge the piece for the purpose you desire. Or we carry various jewelry piece within my boutique. So Let’s start,

Earrings , almost everyone have their ears pierced,  we can where fashionable piece  that can Inspire our outfits. I love to wear earrings, it fun to create the perfect to match my outfit or make outfit pop with color.

magic of jewelry
Earrings  are said to protect from negativity and disease.
Rings were consider protection  and magical guardto ward of negativity.  Some Goddess and Gods wore rings. In magical sense aearing a ring “binds” you  power , with enegry. . Necklace wearing a necklace of stone increase their enegries because you are surrounding yourself (binding yourself) with their power-Scott Cunningham  book- encyclopedia of Crystal’s, gem, and metals.

Bracelets. I once dated a chinese gentlemen and he would tell me wearing kwan yin pendant or wearing jade bracelet would bring me good luck.  Plus i think we each have “good luck” bracelets on our wrist  ,were each born with them . Look to end of your hand. See them there the more rings you have on your wrist the more luck you have.

Gemstones , within this world. We blessed to various gemstones displayed in museums,  jewelry stores, metaphysical boutique and more. Each gemstone is unique, some can be shaped or carved the or grown but 2 stones are ever alike . Each has unique pattern or color hue or shape.

Here a small list of various stones
Love : everyone know about gemstones to invite true love. Rosequartz  is most common used for love .  Here are other love stones: strawberry quartz,  Botswana pink agate, pink calcite mangano

Healing : we all have need for different types of healing gemstones from migranies to other health problems. Sodalite is common to use for healing . Here are others: blue quartz, bloodstone, crystal quartz,  hematite, lapis lazuli. Rainbow flourite, aventurine.

Inner peace, calming gemstones: we maybe at one point or for another ,we find our lives  are stressed . Have need for relief and maybe unwind alittle.
Amethyst is most common used for inner peace. Here are other peaceful gemstones: celestite/angelite /selenite are said to calming and connect with angels. Larimar , turquoise,  blue lace agate, amazonite.

Protection:some time we need protection from our daily life just walking around town going into schools, store, restaurants or even work . We need one form or another of protection from psychic protection to guard against negativity.
Black obsidian /Apache tears is most common used for this . Here a list for other protection stones. Amethyst, black tourmaline,  Tigereye (gold, red) , crystal quartz,  rainbow moonstone,  lapis lazuli,  jade,garnet.

Any stone you connect with can help you
If you dont like wearing jewelry . Tuck tumbled stones in your pocket or purse . I wear organza bag with small tumbled gemstone pinned and tucked in my bra.

Wear what ever works for you, charge gemstones with intent. Use the sun and moon to bless them . Say prayers to Goddess, God, Angel’s or universe  ask them to bless the gemstones for your need.  Cleanse  them when you around alot of negativity.  Or feel the need.

  look pinterest,  or google for more meaning of stones. Any book by Judy hall  will give great insight on gemstones.  Find her books on amazon.com
If you have any questions im here to help
Be love Be light-n

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