Inner witchy Goddess series

Remember To Be the Empowered Goddess you have been made to be.

We are each like her
Fierce,confident, protecting Goddess as well as loving, nurturing, passionate, and sensual.

I see this in me, do you see yourself as beautiful goddess? We are each made in Goddess loving shape, we’re gorgeous, Empowered women of joy. I believe you can, just look within pass all the imperfections we tend to see in mirror .

Remember we’re given a unique opportunity to share our love , empower, nurture our soul to care for ourselves and other we share in this life.

Smile your loved by your inner goddess. See her in your mirror everyday, even day you feel ugly with tears on your face, make up all messed up, and feeling broken and hurt.

Remember we are each stronger than we think we are. Rise above the negative comments, hurtful words said by others, or our inner demons that torment us each day.

Be reborn as each day the sun rises , we are each powerful , We can make our lives what we want and desire.

Smile tomorrow another day to embrace those close to you, goddess bless .
Remember to shine your light, grow your fire within , so others can learn to relight their fire within from your example and be reborn as empowered Goddess.
Be love Be light-n.

Do you feel Empowered now? What has been inspired for you?

One day soon we will share more knowledge Inner witchy Goodess , to empower the Goddess within you.

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