Hello it’s me norma, you Forevrgoddess.
How do you show Appreciation to your soulmate or love ones?
Thankfulthursday,whew what week I ve had so far, trinity my daughter is done with preschool today. She’ll go back next year and son gabe gets out of school next Thursday.  This been a blur.

I’m grateful of my husband Robert, who helps me every morning Robert gets  gabe ready for school for me , as I take care of little trinity . Rob has been uplifting me such inspiration to find my dreams in life. I’ve gone thru many struggles in life. I’ve gone thru few unhappy marriages, to finally find my Rob.  Rob and me , met at a little cafe in paris, idaho.i came in with ex of mine my ex talked to owner about me getting a job there to help keep me busy when he was going working out of of state.
Owner agreed, Rob was the cook and I was waitress.  I work there and became good friends with rob we had a connection. We parted ways, after while but we had friend ship.we’d see each other, but we had others in our lives .we still had a connection, I have done reading for him, it was funny when he asked for job reading ,the cards would talk about love with us.  8 years later we met up again at a store in town he was ready go divorce his wife he wasnt happy . A d was ready to move on with my life with my divorce. As we talked again an d spent  time together we spoke up our interest.

We both divorce in 2010. And dated for a while then after rob asking me to marry him, we were married on around time  of autumn equinox[ Sept 23 ) in  2010. This year we’ll be 11 years. I adore him, he sweet,  handsome, loving, passionate a d loving father to his children. I appreciate what he does to help me , in the our life.

Yes were different in age I’m 47 yrs this year and rob turned 37 yrs this past april . I realized as I did my past life  reading, found out  we had many past lives together which was beautiful .

Today point for thankful thursday ,being grateful to those in your life. Have you told your partner,  husband, wife,soulmate  etc how much you appreciate them? Do you find ways to show them you care? Do you try to romance your soulmate? Surpise your soulmate with coffee or tea and sweet treat? Or make them their favorite foods? Sprinkle love notes around the house. Buy little surpise gifts.   I like to  buy 1 red rose to show my love to Rob . Don’ t wait for holidays to show love. Do it today , find a way to show your love and appreciation to your soulmate.

If your single, share love with family or friends .
Or even better share self love. Spoil your self or others to make feel good. Take your life to next stage in life. By sharing your emotions and communicating your appreciation to others others how make you feel ,raises your vibration. Make you feel complete. 

Every day some every moment I spend with rob we tell each other ” I love you” , we kiss ,we hug, we snuggle if we dont pile on by the kids.lol

Take a moment consider writing a love letter to your soulmate. Why you love and appreciate them. I hope some of these ideas inspire you.

So tell who do you appreciated in your life? I’d it your soulmate, family, friend. Share your reasons why .I would love to hear about it. Be love Be light-n

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