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“Live with passion and intention.”

Hello it’s me norma you know, Forevrgoddess . Today for Tuesday transformation. Let’s talk intentions and how to be passionate about them. I got this phrase from dragon wisdom pocket charms I carry in my box set in my boutique.

Each day as we rise with the sun, would it not be fun to do a lil bit of magick with your morning brew. I know I’m up early esp as the last days are for school for son Gabe. Trinity got out of school week for preschool, shell go back in this fall

. The first few things I do to get my day started grab a cup of coffee. The morni g sun shines thru my office window telling me rise and shine. I grumble how bright the sun is some times. I know I’m not the only one. .lol.

i turn to east,walk to my win dow and greet the sun. Feeling it warmth of morning sun my skin . before taking my first sip and taste of my coffee with milk.

” I ask my Goddesses , God , Universe , Angel’s for blessing of a good day. That things are easy and I have pleasant day. I ask for guidiance if I needed today. And I ask for protection as I go about my day at home or in town . Thank you “

Then i hurry to take my morning vitamins and supplements. Make gabe lunch, Get trinity ready to take her brother to school, Then off I go. Rob got gabe ready before waking me,which always helps. Setting our intentions for the day before going about is good way to connect with universe.

You set intentions for job interviews goes well. That prices at market are on sale , if low on cash, ask for protection from noisy neighbor who like to stop you on your walk and ask you personal questions. .

We each deserve to set our intentions for our days.

Remind ourselves to think on the positive things in life. Remember try not to set intention with weak words”would, should, hope ,like” say it in positive sense
” I will have a good day” “I can past my test today” “I am confident “

Visualize your day going as you wish, smile the universe, Goddess, God, Angel’s, heard your prayer. Go out confident and smile for the day to begin.

The more positive we set our intentions and more we do it, it will easy to do. And if I forget to say my prayers as start my day, and get busy I stop for moment breathe . Do it. I promise it will help.

For tomorrow morning intention, what will you ask for? What do you need help with?
Be Love Be Light-n

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