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Hello its norma , you know Forevrgoddess
Let’s talk about our wellness or health.
Sometime we notice some days were tired, drained, cranky, not in good mood. Have you ever thought of change 1 or 2 small changes in your life?

You know I’m trying to lose weight, and it comes with struggles esp as my health was starting to effected.  I doing simple things to change, not drastic changes or fad diets

I considered trying a few diets , I went to  Udemy.com and got some diet and exercise classes. They had some good classes that talk about various diets and what people in modern world were doing .and to see if there was one for me. I admit when i was 16 years younger i tired Atkins diet, yes I lose alot of weight ,but when I went to my dr I realized it wasnt healthy.

Some people can manage alot of different diet changes. Like vegan, paleo, gluten free.  Some people need them and it can help.

After a few classes I decide to do nutrition classes to see what I needed to lose weight. But for this lil bit Wellness this what I found out.

Avoid drinking soda pop or enegry drinks. They can put  on  weight like soda does, or cause heart problems esp with enegry drinks later on in life. 
I still drink coffee or tea. But i try to limit the coffee or tea. Esp if done working out with home gym and tredmill. So I try drink more water.  add fruit to it. There tons of water flavor recipes. Yes some are called detox but trust your body will appreciate as well  your skin.  I like cucumbers,  lemon in my water.

Try to avoid processed foods, yes it’s hard not to have twinkies, potatoes  chips,or oreo cookie
Trust me its main snack in my home for husband and kids.   Remember you want to make your health better, I’m not saying to stop completely,  just try to limit what you put in your body.  I noticed when l do sneaking a sweet treat like  hostess dingdong, one it doesnt taste as good like it used . And 2nd I dont feel so good after wards. I’ll notice that with alot with processed foods.

With the whole covid  shut down of restaurants , I was ok not eating out. I started to noticed as I  cooked at home my tummy wouldnt get upset. Plus we can control how much salt goes in my food. When we have bought our favorite Mexican food at our local restaurant,  I realized how much salt the food had, and then at night how my stomach was upset.

Try to eat more green veggies, believe it or not. It actually raises your vibration when you eat wholesome food and drink water

I try to have 1 small dinner salad , I’ll fry up some fresh meat in olive oil and spice serve with my salad.  My husband always deeper green veggie is the better. So in my salad I’ll put cucumbers,  green leafy lettuce, radishes,  tomatoes,  carrots, sunflowers seed(shell free) , shredded cheese and maybe crouton. The dressings will vary. Ranch , olive oil/red wine vinegar  or just to favorite lemon. There time we have salad for dinner with freshly cooked meat.

I know alot people have different preference of meat or non meat opitions
Do what you like , I love to look for meal prep meals. Simple to do and store in fridge , heat up microwave. 
Saves time plus you can have for 3-4days  and when time is pressed it easy on hard working people who come home to home of hungry families  to figure what to feed everyone.

Plus side of meal prep you can watch how much your portion control.  Which can help lose weight.  Or so you don’t over eat.

This are just small examples  i try to change my diet, just giving you some ideas to think about .

By looking at your diet and changing a few things I have notice how much more energy  I had.  I feeling better, skin looks good, I wasnt cranky or moody. Well balanced
  Well talk more about healthy opitions  be love be light

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