I’m am thankful fo my friends, clients and followers.
Hello it’s norma,  you know Forevrgoddess.
Its thankful Thursday,  I’m always grateful of my family, friends, alot are women who are spiritual open , generous hearts , funny,  uplifting  and  loving.  I consider them as close family and feel so connected to them.  They are supportive when I have moment of self doubt or frustration with thing I need a different  point of view., and have taught me things ,I’m grateful for. Many I met thru pagan space years thru a few groups, connected thru facebook,  met as friends within areas I lived and have bond to be alot into my soul tribe, as I continue with this path of becoming and accepting my role light worker.

Many were excited  to see where my spiritual journey will lead me.  Many have come for spiritual guidiance  to help them move forward with their life. I’m grateful for them , and I am here for them when they need me, as sister and friend.

To my clients I’m grateful those who have been with me with Forevrgoddess boutique  and it has grow 7 years now,  and some of my clients have become good friendships and family to me . 

This  next phase of life with my Forevrgoddess intuitve reading services .
I’m grateful for new clients and follower s I have inspired many to seek the light within and give thoughts to those need support and spiritual guidinace on their healing journey to find purpose in their  life. And are happy to share my knowledge with others.

I’m always grateful so much each day?im amazed how many people lives I have touch and how I helped them even if only for just advice. I’m excited to see how things change as time goes by. I wonder where I’ll go next in this journey of light worker.
Thank you everyone , smile your loved.
Be Love Be Light-n

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