Book review
Hello its Norma ,you know Forevrgoddess
Today I wanted to share one of my books

I’ve read this book a few years ago, this book is called “a survival guide for those who have psychic abilities and dont know what to do with them” by Lisa anne Rooney

This book I have refer,  to many  of my clients, friends, and family . T o help them understand their psychic gifts esp. If scared them and they dont understand what’s going on.  This book is  insightful and easy to understand.

My favorite part is her Information on spirit guides and how to understand their roles in your life.

Lisa talks about her life experiences with understanding her gifts and struggles she has had with them. I know this has helped many clients and friends.

Well I hope this book inspires you to understand your psychic gifts.

I will write more about psychic abilities soon. Look to my article on my blog called 
20 signs your psychic abilities are opening

Look for this book on amazon.com or used books are sold.  Have good weekend hugs-n

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