Psychic and Empath burnout Self healing Ideas For Summer time

Psychic or Empath Burnout  , self  healing Ideas for summer  

Comer learn Self-healing Ideas to help soothe sensory overload for Psychics or Empaths

And how to handle Empath or Psychic burnouts during Summer time. Come read our article.

Hello it’s me Norma you Know Forevrgoddess. It’s summer time

where I live in little rural Paris,  Idaho . I’m pretty much surrounded with lush pastures lands and mountains only 5 mins away from my house. I love to connect with Lush green forest teeming with life.

As you may have noticed my other articles about psychic gifts, I talk about having Psychic gifts; I’m clairvoyant, empath, and other Psychic gifts. I do intuitive readings for family, friends, and clients, i get alot of these questions about psychic or empath burnt out and how to recharge, at different times of the year, here summer time, here’s the answers.

Our little town in winter here has only 250 people , in summer with all the out state people in their summer homes,  we can gain up to  450 people.  Were teem with more people every year with also summer here and kids are out of school, a flock of tourist come thru town to  our hill and mountain to camp, fish, hike and more. Things can get bit crazy, and  can get overloaded easily.  I have 2 small  Children ,and husband who are blessed with  psychic gifts. I try to keep us cool in summer and calm. With people out everywhere we tend to shy away from large gatherings of crowds. With last year lock down because of covid, I researched and learns some self -healing ideas to do with myself and family.

As the temperance of heat  increases, I know many people even local become grouchy, moody ,tempers fly, or worse. I feel for my husband who has to deal with public in time of year as part of his work. I know can take a toll on him and mood swings can be off, esp when non locals don’t get what they want.   I have to deal with others as I go to the local stores that filled with locals and tourist, and trust I know you’ve might seen how rude or moody  people truly act, which is sad sometimes. Most days I keep the children to avoid seeing some of people reactions in any store, or have them absorb other people energy.  

I remind myself yes things will calm down at certain times of days and part of week, which day it’s best to go shopping for our house hold items.  I pick early morning 8- 9 am shopping or 7-8 pm

 To avoid crowds and generally a lot of people. Some of place are dead later as day goes by into the night, we have certain days like Sunday, here it’s quiet as a mouse in some places.

How to tell when you’ve been overwhelm, a sensory overload, or just burnt out from everything. Sensory over load and Burnt out symptoms  can be any of these or more. Anyone can feel different from this lists . don’t be limited to it.

Sensory Overload symptoms : aggressive for no reason { not normal mood swings}, quick to anger responds, Moody, cranky, hyper, out of sorts mentally { doing things out of character}, not eating or drinking anything, shaking, rocking self, crying, unable to calm mood, various moods in only a few minutes, harsh or critical{ not normal} , poor judgment, ungrounded, negative thoughts or emotional { not normal}emotional unstable, obsessive, bitter, tired, anxious, anxiety, Denial,  Confusion,  Fearful, helpless .

Burnt out symptoms  : tired, physical and mentally drained, Confusion,  Fogginess, feeling stuck, Fear, unable to communicates thought or points of view, loneliness, Helpless, low self-esteem,  Instability, emotional instability, Insecurity, depression, ungrounded, anxious, powerless, can’t express self, poor judgment, lack of focus, difficulties going thru daily tasks or life, can’t relax, can’t sleep insomnia, not wanting to touched, crying, going thru negative emotions, wanting to be alone, lock self away from others, dark outlook in life, feel unconnected with self, others even universe, no empathy. Self- doubt.

We each can go thru some of these or all , with be overwhelmed. I’ve seen with my family, gifted  friends and clients, go thru this many times, I’ve helped over the years. Trying to find the right way to calm your mind, and ground center yourself can be hard, if you don’t know how or even can find the right method.

Here how I find ways to handle sensory overload ,when you have  with psychic gifts.

Morning meditation :This can be done anytime of day not just morning, even at  night under moonlight.

Get yourself a cup of coffee, tea and grab a crystal or gemstone,, if you can sit by window, look at the world around you , even if it’s your backyard.  Feel the light fill the  room. Put coffee or tea down pick up or hold your gemstone or crystal of choice.  Take  3 deep breathes in and out. Look at your stone or crystal, if there is sunlight let the sunlight shine on stone, see the color highlights shown by sun. Close you eyes while holding the  stone or crystal ,  think of the healing properties of the stone ( rose quartz: love, comfort. Crystal quartz: healing, positive thoughts, etc . )feel the loving energy come thru the stone to up your arm into  your heart. See the positive change and blessings this stone has to offer.  Try to focus on your energy for  10mins if possible . Even if your having a bad morning , or sleepless night before try to reconnect with the stone..

Take few deep breathes again while focusing on energy stone coming up your arm to your heart. You may feel warm and fuzzy or energized, take a moment to enjoy the feel. Think about your things you must do today, don’t stress just see you doing them with positive  love and light. See each task complete, greet those you love or encounter with a smile and friendly “Hello”. Even if they don’t respond back smile knowing you’ve greet day in positive way. Slowly come back to your body, open your eye and start your day. If there is extra time light some favorite incense, say a morning prayer to  your patron gods and goddesses.   If have and sunny day  go to somewhere  your yard where you wont be disturb for 10-15 mins . Go sit if your backyard, sit in grass, and feel the sunlight on your face. feel the grass between your toes.  rub grass with your hands try to reconnect with earth goddess. Take moment to bring  inner peace to yourself, consider carrying or wearing Amethyst or Blue lace agate in pocket,  purse or tuck a bag into your  bra.

How to handle stress mini  earth  grounding meditation

If your stressed. Take any of these gemstones: crystal quartz, blue lace agate, or amethyst.  Sit on the ground, feel the grass under you, put your hands on the grass, ask Gaia or Mother earth to absorb your stress.  See yourself like a tree with roots, push down all the negative energy, thoughts, anger, frustrations into ground.  once done feel the loving soothing energy come up from below, raise your hands above to the sun and sky welcome positive sun rays and warmth into your body grounding , recharging, refocus your mind set to the positive thoughts, set the intention for positive  outlook for the day . If you still holding your stone , enjoy the healing energy . come back into body and listen to birds chirp or sounds of the day going. Take moment to bring  inner peace to yourself, consider carrying or wearing Amethyst or Blue lace agate in pocket,  purse or tuck a bag into your  bra.  Consider doing yoga and basic stretches.

Water mini meditation.

When days our home are hot , since we live in little trailer , we get hot inside and our floor air conditioner can’t keep up with heat, I walk from front door  to 10 feet to our little creek me and kids go soak our feet and play in water a bit. The water slowly moves past our house.  I’ll even take our two corgis we own to creek.  We sit listen to water flow by , I remind the kids let go any negativity or hyper energy to water. Then we come back into the home, grounded and calm.

 To do this meditation Creek, stream , river { running water is best} . I’ll talk about other water source , here soon.   Go where water is moving down stream, river, creek, stream,{ make note that water isn’t rushing fast or consider dangerous, light moving water is perfect, esp. with children} take a moment sit on edge of bank of water. Take off your shoes, let the cool water soothe you, it water isn’t too cold. Let water rush past your feet. Ask the water elementals { water sprites or dragons } or Goddesses of waters { Yemaya, Aphrodite, Branwen, Freya, Mami wata}  , angels, to help you release this stress.  Imagine water taking all the stress, all negative emotions, feeling unbalance, emotions down as drifts past you from water bank downstream.   As you let them emotions float downstream, feel the water coming down from above you fill you with positive energy, play with water in child- like wonder. Splash and play in the  water , if you brought a love one with you to water edge. Give thanks you anyone who has helped you release your stress.

Ocean or Lake mini meditation:  we lucky in Rural Paris Idaho, were 10-15 minutes from our local Bear Lake, which borders both Idaho and Utah. It’s turquoise color lake bring a lot of locals and tourist to the lake. North beach is popular beach. We travel more east to small secluded beach “east Beach”, 10 min further ,  it has camping spots. And has a  nice beach , this side full of smooth face rocks, first part of beach next to water. 

Beach meditation: with water crashing onto the beach, take a stick you can find or hard reed plant. Ask the Goddesses of ocean and lake [ Yemaya, Aphrodite, Branwen ,Freya, Mami wata} or  water elementals { water sprite, water dragons, mermaids, etc.} to help you release the negative emotions, frustration, anger, anything that doesn’t serve you well. It’s time to release it. Take the stick and write the words on the sand , watch the water crash in and wipe the words away. As the water crashes in visualize the negative feeling , be pulled into the ocean or lake to transform into positive energy. Each word you write, feel it pull away as the water goes back into ocean or lake. Write people names, draw a picture, use words, what you wish to remove the toxic feeling. When your done, ask the Goddess or elemental to give you blessings of healing energy. Walk into the water feel it rush around you feel washed, consider going for swim to help revitalize you.  

To give an offering suitable for these Goddess, Gods, Elemental and angels. Find flower  nearby or buy 1 rose and place it into the moving water and give thanks for their help.

 How to recharge,  raise your vibrations, reconnect with world.

  • Take a nap, sometimes we need a little bit of extra sleep, can help even a 20 min cat nap. Snuggle up with love one  or pet ,for more loving energy as you nap.
  • Snuggle with up with a  pet, or love one, get some hugs and kisses to feel appreciated.
  • Eat something nutritious, green or root veggies, salad, fresh fruit, even piece of dark chocolate.
  • Drink water, esp in the summer drink a lot of water, add some fresh fruit to give yummy favor, I like lemon and cucumber, plus good for the skin. Do herbal teas
  • Do some yoga and do deep breathing exercise. I like to pop in Yoga dvd “Namaste yoga” by kate potter, she entire series collection to enjoy.
  • Listen to soothing music : I like music by :   Diane or David Arkenstone, 2002, Gandalf, mewdyn Goodall, amethystuim, sleep thief, conjure one, deleruim.
  • Dance to music or even sing, Play musical instrument
  • Do coloring meditation with markers and coloring book
  • Go nature park and enjoy picnic with loves ones, friends, co workers
  • Go out at night and star gaze, try to find  Draco,  the dragon constellation in night sky .
  • Have moonlight party outside with family and friends. Do pot luck and enjoy summer foods
  • Have bonfire on beach or campsite or home. Take strips of paper and toss stress and worries into the fire to set a flame and release from your life.
  • Consider do some summer craft with your children , loves one for friends.
  • Plant flowers or start a garden

•  Set boundaries with people,  it may offend them but it’s for the best.  You’ll notice certain people might be psychic vampire ( those who can drain energy, they can imprint their negative feelings to you, when they won’t deal with their own problems.) put it out in universe to ask them to help keep certain people away esp. if your having a hard day.

•             Shield/ protecting yourself when you about to go into the world, being around people or certain friends. O do protection prayer esp going into our local supermarket, esp summertime, with extra people, plus  spirit and energy attachment people carry around. You’d be amazed how go into store for a few things come out lost or overwhelmed.  Take a moment, to calm and center yourself. Envision a white light encircling you from top of head bottom of feet. . say a prayer to the goddess , angels, or universe  for help to set a boundary for yourself to protect from others feelings .  I also do this to avoid certain people in my valley that are noisy and mean.

•             Create a blessing journal , to write your thought your grateful that the goddess / Gods have bless your home, family and life. Even if they seems little or silly it’s ok if you do it often you can look bad on rainy or sad day, it might even calm your moods by looking at the brighter side of life.

•             Go get massage, look for local massage therapy school might offer discounts, for massage give student people work on.

•             Sit in the Sun for 20 mins, wear sunscreen if needed, feel the warmth of the sun, recharge  feel all the solar power banishing the negative, frustration, sad thoughts. Think on the bright side of life. Or even moon bath in night .

Well here what I go to offer for burnt out psychic or empath. I promise to share more ideas as the season comes. Look for our Autumn season article, coming in august or September.

Here are a few books I found helpful:  you can become  aware, empowered and  protected by reading and understanding your gifts and natural talents how you can use it in your day to day life.

Natural psychic by Ellen Dugan, 

•             The Awaken Psychic by Kala Ambrose,

•             Psychic protection by Ted Andrews,

•             A Survival guide for those who have psychic abilities and don’t know what to do with them by Lisa Rooney.

  • Psychic protection Rosemary Ellen  Guiley
  • Psychic protection for Beginners by Richard Webster

Within my boutique I carry a few  protection pendants with angels and protection symbols, psychic  boxes , empath protection and cleanse box sets.  I now offer 1 on 1 intuitive coaching session to  help those to understand , how to work with psychic abilities. I want to help  empaths and others  become empowered with their gifts.

Do you have questions? Just ask in comments below  or Private message me, I’m happy to assist you.

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