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“Listen to your heart,  above all others”
Hello it’s me norma , you know Forevrgoddess.  I hope your having a good day? This week for Tuesday transformation.  

I wanted to share this quote. I attain pewter pocket charm , I have these and other in my box sets for my boutique.  To help Inspire my clients  in their life. We each need to be encourage to live our dreams ,even do something we’ ve always dreamed of.

I know I’m not the only to  have people in our lives, try to control us or tell us our dreams foolish , or even worst give self doubt for bein g dumb to go thru with our vision,  we want to suceed in life. We are each bless , we also blessed with unique dreams to inspire us.  Remember  no one can take that from us.

Maybe you’ve considered any of these: going back to school, change your career, become home based business owner, change to healthier view in life, or even go on spiritual journey. I know there is more dreams out there , the sky is limit.  Here  some ideas to try. Dont limit yourself  just this list . 

1) if someone  try to argue  with you about dream , you could say” I’m sorry you feel this way,  but I’m going to still try to accomplish my dream.”
2) remeber to create your dream into reality  set 3 small goals, then when you accomplish those 3 , set more to reach your goals. 
3) goals ideas can be : research your dream, study, read books and articles, journal your thought and ideas, create dream /vision board, try new things and ideas.
4) look for positive support from family, friends love ones in life.
5 ) consider  to get psychic /intuitive  reading with friend or some one .to help you focus on your goals . I offer readings to help find inspiration to your goal ,if needed.
6) dreams aren’t always so easy, we need to put hard work into it . To bring to life

7) ask for divine inspiration and  blessing to help you find your life purpose and maybe inspire you.
8) use crystal healing to help. Research and create crystal grid crystal kits to help manifest your goals .
9) we crystal and stone to give you protection and attract abundance  to your desired goal
10) take time to meditate , consider learning about the law of attraction to help bring about positive enegry  I to your life and goals.

Hopefully these ideas can help. If you have any questions.  I’m here to help
Be love be light-n

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