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Hello it’s me norma you know Forevrgoddess.  Hey for this week let’s talk night self care ideas. You’ve might be seen my photo and I dont look my age of 47 yrs this December.   There is alot of secrets I will share.  Some are easy, and take a little bit of time .

  I know I’m not the only who like to feel pretty or beautiful.  Each one is beautiful and unique. I will always tell the ladies I meet in life “Hello Beautiful, How your day?”
I know one lady at our local store in town loves when I say this to her. She told she loves to see me. Which makes feel nice esp with some crabby and grouchy  esp with tourist coming thru our town for lake and camp grounds. 

I know I love it when my husband tell me “Good morning Gorgeous ” every morning I get up . Yes there are day I have drool patch  and hair is crazy. Lol.  Feel attractive is part who we are as women and even men too. We try to find best deals on clothes, shoes, and dont forget the makeup. 

But for night I like to use a few things.  To help me feel like Goddess. Its just simple stuff. Explore change your night to night of self love.

  For my  face creams and wrinkle creams I use andalou naturals age defying set
You can find the mini sample sets on ebay, walmart and more places. I found ebay and walmart the cheapest.   I use their products for since 2016 I love the  product  I even use their 1,000 Rose’s  sensitive skin care  set .

Another thing I love to use  is love  beauty and planet  rose or lavender  shampoo and conditioner.  Your hair feel soft , detangles.  Plus the smell of flowers in hair is pretty.

To wash my face I use Neutrogena naturals face wash . They 1 for removing make up which  I like to use.

Andalou naturals has 1,000 Rose’s Moroccan beauty oil face cupping

I use this withy face cupping suction cup
To help stimulate collegen,  help reduce fine lines.  No botox or filler or surgery
I’ve been using it for a few years now.
I am curse some days with double chin .  Cupping does wonders. And you can find them on ebay for few bucks. You can find tutorials on pinterest or you tube.

Other self care things I like to do
In shower I will eucalyptus essential oil and drop a few drops in shower. To give like spa feeling with hot shower. I like to do shower meditations to release my stress for the day .release in shower water as flows down in drain.

Do korea paper beauty mask  in  early evenings, before bed. Or the foot exfoliation mask.

I love to use sugar scrubs to make my skin feel soft and silky smooth. 

I take powder collegen  before bed in cup of milk.  It helps keeps me looking and body  feeling young.

I love to hair creams my favorite in past was sebastian potion#9
Help give deep conditioning to my hair make feel soft and silky. I like to use it 1 x week. And smells beautiful.

I also take  alot of vitamins. We can talk about that another time.

Once I get kids showered and to bed.i say my nightly prayer to goddess , gods Angel’s and more . Giving thanks for day lessons and blessings, I ask my children have goodnight sleep and be happy and playful in morning.

I ask them to bless my husband to have gdnight sleep and have enegry to do his work and come home happy. Then I pray for my family, friends clients and world  . Then I turn over and go to sleep .

But these are simple things to do
Maybe some of these ideas can Inspire you to feel like Goddess or God. Everyone needs a lil bit of pamper from time to time.  Plus a lil bit of self love is good for the soul.

. Feel free to reach out if you have questions. Be love be light-n

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