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Hello it’s me norma you know Forevrgoddess. Today its Thursday here the reason I’m thankful for it .
I am thankful for what makes me smile,
Many of us have busy lives, from Tending to our children, working, love relationships, friendships, school and family life

. My day start with my alarm, most of the my daugther trinity has bit of head start. She up times before I am, she 5 yrs old. She keeps me busy . Lol she’ll be watch netflix and having a quick bite to eat and drink. Some days I’m wee bit tired and hope the coffee wakes me. Lol
Gabe my son who’s 10 yr is still asleep like my prince charming is always.
Husband either working or our metal decting on his time off to unwind from stresses of work. But I’m grateful for all of them in my life .

Here the part I’m grateful for that makes me smile. Trinity always asks for “huggies” and says she loves me. She will do it all day long. Gabe does it too I have 2 very affectionate kids. They will give hugs to other people, even if we just met them. Both of my kids are snuggle bugs , even days are rough or emotional me or them . I had a few friends in the past who would come over get snuggles . Even relative that come up to visit love the snuggles.

Gabe told me today which crack me up
He “mom your the best, thank you for giving g me life”. I smiled and told him thank you . I joked back “how else would I bring you? I cant poop you. ” he laughed and gabe a big hug.

Robert my husband of now 11 year this September. He always brings a smile to my face. He calls me his “Sweet Sweet Goddess” and I call him “My Handsome God”. Our lil romantic love words.

He will try to make me laugh when I’m serious, grouchy even at times when I get frustrated. He will do voices of Smegal or stitch . And say silly things, even naughty to make me smile and laugh. Plus he will tickle me to point I fall to the floor laughing.

My pets. I’ve had many animals in life I call them all my familar s (well because I’m a witch…lol) I’ve loved each one so much.many have done silly things that days I’m having bad moment to find me “hey mom I love you” they follow me all over the house , and affection. And as always remind me like the cats do “hey im out of food” when the bowl is full or worse my corgi charlie eats it first. I’ll sit and watch my husband playbwith my dogs make funny voices and say silly things.

My friends. Many I’ve know for many years even half lifetime. So.e will say thi g silly . Or we laugh with funny meme I share.

They will hear my kids , when I’m on the phone with them they would laugh at some of sarcastic remarks my kids would say. Or worse we giggle over silly they say. I’m grateful for them all.

Family is another either relatives, sibling or in laws family . Make me laugh with some of remark and jokes we share .

In alot of ways , the most I’m thankful for all the laughter and love I share with everyone. I try to bring a smile on everyone face when they need it

. Lately this world has been so bitter and sad. I feel we have forgotten to laugh and smile.

So tell me what brings a smile on your face? Let’s soulconnect teach me from your experiences
Be love be light-n

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