Hello it’s me Norma, you know Forevrgoddess, today let’s talk about,
What has inspired you on your spiritual journey? What started it all? What do you feel you’ve learned?

Heres alittle about me I be been practicing the magickal path and wiccan, since a teenage, im will be 47 yrs this December. I grew of up spainsh catholic , a little stricter than most. I always loved the saints and virgin mary .I learn earlier that my path with church wasnt for me. BUt I dont bash the church I believe for many it can help them find peace with God.

Over the years I learned what it meant to be wiccan .

I consider my self eclectic wiccan I gather much knowledge and experience working with many Goddess and Gods. My altar is mixed of greek, hindu, celtic, Buddhist , santeria and now Norse. I dont claim to know it all or think I’m above others. I’m willing to share with other my knowledge and offer insight for them to look for within themselves.

In the recent years I’ve accepted on being a light worker, to help other find inspiration to their magickal path with in the craft. I try to find inspiring words of wisdom or share positive thoughts and enegries with others.

We can each learn from each other, learn and observe other experiences. Even if come off different or unusual. Each of us have a divine purpose in life .
Remember never stop learning , be humble in your path, be appreciated of others and Goddess who bless your life, know you are loved by me and Goddess

Share with me your journey? What inspires you go beyond? Where do you want to be in year? Or even a few months?
. If ever you need help or insight my door always open. Be love be light-n

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