Being thankful for little moments in life.
For many of us we get and go to work , go shopping for morning,  gardening. Or what your summer routine is . Being mom 2 special needs kids, can be tricky .esp if didnt get good night sleep.  Trinityvmy little one I worry the most , she only 5 yrs but she been known to open front door and chase after dogs, when she wanted to take them out to pee. While i was asleep, she wasnt talk ing then  it was when she was 3 yrs . She still been growing with speech each day. And such smart little girl. Very independent. 

Gabe is 10yrs  next month  he late sleeper, snuggle bunny so I’m waking the dead when he needs to get up. Lol

most morning I’m tryi g to get going check on few things for aura reading volunteers that I asked to help , so I can fine tune my process before I open for appointments.  Plus trying  to do 30  min workouts. Get everyone fed ,Then off to pack  rob my husband lunch to drop off before 11:30am

It’s been crazy esp with Tues morning speech therapy for trinity. Then back home to pack rob his lunch.
The weather been very bright and warm these last few days.  So we have stayed in Rob told me yesterday he was going to up on his dad property  to move the tractor around with gravel.  Asked if we all wanted to go.i said sure . Beautiful drive up the the property  it about 15-18 min drive up the mountain dirt roads. To his 40 acre property.  Beautiful view you will see in photos. It was just 5 of us grandpa, rob, me, gave and trinity and dont forget, snoop grandpa dog.  Me and kids roamed around the property.  We collected wildflowers. I use them with  blessings bottles and custom smudges. We saw lots of bugs and enjoyed the view.

As walked with kids , it was beautiful time to spend enjoy the land, getting out of the house, clear the mind from all work or house chores, etc. It felt good to get out.

Rob says some time I get so deep with my work I forget to do the simple things. We do from time to time go for drives up I to the mountain s to collect smudging herbs and wildflowers that I dry, and   use for my boutique year around.

Or just drives to go for short walks around in hills with corgies and family.

Remember to enjoy the little things, I’ve been thinking and thinking about work , I know rob felt I need to break from normal routine.

I’m grateful share these little moment with my kids.gabe said as we walked were going on adventure . We took different path around the property.   Rob had good break from asphalt working for city. 

The point here is to take a break, from your normal routine.esp if you family, friends,  or love ones you share life with.
Its summer time. Go out get some ice cream cones, go for dip in lake or pool, go short hike up in hills or walk in park. Take moment enjoy your life dont get busy. Take break. You may enjoy.it

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