Hello it’s me Norma , you know Forevrgoddess. 
“Laughter is the key … to life”
I wrote this quote a long time ago as waitress. I’d leave the message at bottom of my Bill’s for my tables I waited on. In small restaurant in soda springs. I would write these words to inspire others to find happiness.  I wrote a several pages of various stuff. 

We have many forms of stress in life to work ,school, family, children , friends,etc
My husband rob works for local city in paris he does work hard .he comes home tired alot. So to unwind from the day .

he will you tube video his new kick is little johnny jokes by little boy and his dad tell the jokes. Rob will watch dumb thing pepe do thru life from bicycling into cars   to  people at work. I will look up nailed  it or fail baking or bad  makup jobs
We laugh and joke even watching g the kids movie we talk some funny stuff.

Laughing  help relieve  stress and release tension.

Gabe will watch funny cat or video games videos or memes and sometime of thomas the train -his fav.  Trinity watches some funny kids cartoons on netflixs. Her shark,weasel, and mermaid. I can’t remember the name of show .

Remember dont take life so serious find a away to unwind from world. Laughter lightens the soul and brings new perspective  in life.

So what makes you laugh? please share  your funny things you enjoy to unwind.
Be love be light-n

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