Witches Night Out: Summer Edition

Witches Night out : Summer edition. Come learn some unique ideas to celebrate witches night out Summertime, fun- festive time to be witchy before October. and enjoy it with friends to beat the summer heat. Come sit for Spell or two, join me , let’s explore these ideas shall we?

Hello ,it’s Norma  you know, Forevrgoddess. I wanted to share some ideas how to celebrate Witches night out, yes I know it’s not October. But you can still feel witchy with unique ideas how to celebrate with your wiccan, witchy even pagan friends.  So come sit for spell or two as I tell you about some of my ideas you can do during summer nights this season.

This post will be part of seasonal  witch- wiccan inspired ides I want to present to  you. I can’t wait to continue with the other seasons as they come by. So let’s begin shall we? Lol

Now many of hear witches night out in October think of witches ,groups girlfriends dress as witches and enjoy an evening out. I was part of witches night out , here in Montpelier, Idaho. Group of ladies, though only knew one friends , invited me to the dinner. It was fun at one our local restaurant . A rather large  group of women dressed as witches.  sat and enjoyed each other company with meal . They cackled, giggle with joy , and had a blast. It was such a fun time. I hope one day to go again.

 I know some of your thinking….”But it’s summer time Norma? How can I celebrate witches night out?”

Witches night are usually with group of women, now my husband who’s wiccan says “ Men are witches too”, he said,  some say” warlock”  . With way the world has been turning over last few years. I believe anyone  on magickal path can be welcomed.

Here are 4 and more ideas, don’t limit yourself to this list, consider this  inspiration board to bounce from. Create it your own, I promise you will have fun.

Witches night BBQ around Bonfire or Firepit.

Some planning a gather with just friends at home is easier and more fun.

  • Cook tin foil dinner/ camping dinner  in camp flames. Our favorite is BBQ chicken with potatoes , Ranch chicken with potatoes
  • Do a potluck have friends bring their favorite side dishes to your main meal: I make BLT potatoes salad. BLT Potatoes salad has diced cool potatoes, bacon bits, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, creamy ranch dressing. For extra we add crouton and  shredded cheese- look to kraft food.com for recipe. Enjoy some summer time drinks
  • Play music , sing songs, dance around the bonfire
  • Cook smores or make hot fudge ice cream  Sundays  for littles ones after dinner, our kids love it.
  • Do fire scrying, share a tarot  reading with friends over what will come during Lammas in august.

Witches night out: Beach Night  with bonfire or Fire pit

Playing at beach as the sunsets or evening on beach with friends. If allowed at your beach allows camp fire or bonfire enjoy one.

  • Cook tin foil dinner/ camping dinner  in camp flames. With fresh fish , premade sandwich to keep in cooler. Make tropical drinks or enjoy glass of wine
  • Meditate in group with listen to waves crashing on beach
  • Do beach Magick:  write words in sand { like worries or stress:  debts, work, problems even people} and ask the goddess of ocean to release them from your life.
  • Call upon the Goddesses of the Ocean, Aphrodite, Yemaya, Oshun, Auset, Sedna, Sarasvati, Danu, Oya, Mami wata, Freyja to help certain part of your life, Don’t forget to leave an offering for their help.
  • Meditate or do lunar ritual under moon by the ocean.

Witches night out :  Overnight camping trip

Rob my husband would tell me to quickly pack for overnight trip to our local mountains. Well pack a lite dinner quick to make over camp fire, and easy to carry small breakfast, don’t for get the coffee pot. We’ve done it when we were dating be fore we had the kids. Pitched a tent and enjoy the beauty of night sky. And greet the sunrise with morning cup of coffee.

  • Make and  prepared  tin foil dinner to tuck in cooler, and easy to use drinks. Pack a quick easy to make by fire breakfast or breakfast bars to snack on. Don’t for get the coffee pot ..lol
  • Gather with friends or family, Go to secluded spot for camping . and enjoy a night in woods, listen to nature sound of night. feel the strength of mother nature
  • Tell ghost stories or  have night walk with flash lights
  • Star gaze and see if you can find constellation Drago , the dragon in sky
  • In the morning go looking for signs of faeries, they are always close by,  leave little offering of food or silver coins{ quarter, dimes , nickels} next to tree or plants.
  • this can be romantic witch too, a quick get away with you and your soulmate and blanket of stars to enjoy the night.

Witches night out : storm watching

Were blessed in southeastern Idaho, we get the thunder storm from bear lake that comes from Utah or over the mountains from Utah. And yes they get big storm.  Gather with group  and watch the storm in area. But be safe with tropical storms or tornado please. 

  • Gather thunderstorm water to use in spells and rituals
  • Charge crystal gemstones and crystals in glass bowl let it sit in rain.
  • Do  some rain magick as group.
  • Have potluck dinner: share some favorite summer time comfort foods
  • Create fun drinks for night storm
  • Make some rice krispies treat with moon, and stars sprinkles, I know my kids love it when I do .
  • Dance in the rain, my son when he was little we had porch cover we went out side and chant to storm to let thunder rumble and it did. Gabe was so happy, then we went inside ..lol

Here are more ideas to be crafty witch with group of friends, things to do as group. Invite the kids to join in.

  • Create sun catcher, to share or gift each other with for summer solstice. Buy prism beads on amazon, eBay or hobby lobby.
  • Make wind chimes : look for small pipe metal fitting to create unique piece, find someone who can use handy with  tools. Rob made me one with selenite and metal and fossilized wood. But note rob treated the gemstone and wood with marine varnish. It’s strong stuff hold longer
  • Build and paint faery or birds  house with friends
  • Paint flower pot with witchy theme and plant magickal herbs
  • Create and do spell bottle for house blessings  for coming fall and winter
  • Create sister or friendship talismans
  • Do some faery magick
  • Do protection rituals,
  • Do divination for each other as group
  • Play psychic games to inspire and expand you psychic awareness  : use deck of card or uno cards with color to tune in and see what the other person is holding and count each correct a point , see who can get the most points

Forevrgoddess boutique : carries unique Moon magick gathering kits, and more for full supermoon magick

Closing: witches night out can be any time of the year, don’t let anyone tell you different. we are each magickal, no two soul alike , but that what makes us unique. celebrate with friends even if your not on magickal path, share your rich world with others. have fun this summer, don’t to get to dance under moonlight, i know i will be. Be love Be Light -N

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