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Hello it’s Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Today this quote I wrote sometime is the truth for many of us. “Rekindle love with yourself. Remember  Self love is so important . We forget or avoid this part at time within our lives.  It’s hard this day and age with how fast this world is going , we tend to forget about ourselves.  Were busy with work or career, school, college,  family, children and maybe a little bit of romance in mix. We have ourselves pulled in so many directions.

With virus and world wide shut down of 2020. Many of us did our part to create our own inner world. Many talked of doing self care, self love and healing journey within.

When I was younger I believed that being with some who I love would , complete me and I would feel love.  But like something in life ,relationship dont work that way,  and some ended badly.  

We are born complete the day we take our first  breath . We are made of love, we can give love, and we need to remember we can nurture love within ourselves.

  As time moved on I realize something when I came I to my relationship with my husband rob. Self love was important.  He reminded me of that. To truly love  someone else is to first love ourselves.

We need to love our selves for who we are. We may not be perfect , I know I’m not . But it make us unique ,  if we can forgive ourselves for the mistakes we’ve done . Learn from lessons that were shown from our mistakes we can grow.  Self love is good for soul.

If you notice  people put you down for any reason . It’s not you  , they hate themselves. Dont get me wrong some of hateful words from other can cause damage, but only so long . Remove them from your life. Even if love relationship ,family, even friends. Know when it good time to walk away. 

Tonight grab a paper and pen. Write what are your strength? What are you good at? What are your weakness?  If you can change any of them , how would you do it?

Write list  of self care   to love your self and add a few things each  day. Check off thing that you did , and write 2 new self love tasks to do next.

Binge watch your favorite show  on netflix
Buy some  new make up , out fit, maybe lovely scented bath bomb,  I have friend who makes some lovely bath bombs
Listen to music, dance, sing -what make you feel good
Meditate to music .pop in some ear phone got sit in park or place of nature and listen to soothing music for 15-20 mins

Go for walk -doing excerise  make you feel good even for 20 mins
Find fun coloring  book  or print off pages online,  and do color theraphy  and post them on facebook or Instagram  to show friends and family.
Snuggle with pet , your children or eve love ones. Hugs and snuggle truly heal the soul.

Look for self care journal,  or self care book I’ve seen a few on amazon.com

Doing a few things a week for yourself is good .  Smile your loved even by me. 

Well talk more about self love ideas to inspire more soon. Be love be light -n

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