Hello it’s norma you know Forevrgoddess
Its Thursday  and we always talk gratitude.  I know for a while you’ve heard what I’ve been grateful for in my life. Which give you a perspective to my life.

Today I’m curious to know what your grateful for?  If you list 3 things what would they be?
It can be anything, that makes you happy .
Or if you feel silly and not sure what to say .here  short list  grateful for job to pay Bills , food on table and roof over my head.

When I was going thru a rough time I was told to write gratitude journal.
Each day write 3 things your grateful for.

Consider buya pretty journal and creating a gratitude journal . Write 3 things a day for week.

Those who make you smile? book you love to read?, favorite dish? what’s season of the year your love? What inspiration are you grateful for?
whats gives you comfort? favorite people?, who gives the best hugs? , who’s support your grateful for?.  Who  or what makes you smile or laugh? What’s best part of the day ? 

Dont be surpise within a week,  how long of list you have.   Dont forget to tell those in your life how appreciate them.  Find ways of showing them , maybe do dinner party. Summer perfect for outdoor gathering. Or just take a few friends out for coffee.

Spend time with those who support you
There are many things to grateful for..
So share with me. Let’s soul connect what are you grateful for?  Be love be light-n

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