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hello I hope your having a good day? Its norma you know Forevrgoddess
This past Saturday, someone who was envy or jealous hacked into my Facebook account. I notify by facebook and have since was able to recover my personal profile page. Unfortunately I was not able to unlock my 2 business pages
Forevrgoddess intuitive reading service page and Forevrgoddess boutique page
So till I get access to my pages I created a new one.
So this page is about my psychic/intuitive reading service I provide. I will mix some of my Forevrgoddess boutique items here too.
I will start posting some of my readings info plus prices . And my blog articles to share with you all.
Please take a
moment to liked my page as you may done before. And if you feel up to it share with others who may have interested before thank love be light.

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